5 factors to help make a resilient business in the storm

5 factors to help make a resilient business in the storm

More than a year and a half since the strong outbreak in the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has created countless unprecedented challenges for the economy in general and businesses (DN) in particular. In particular, the fourth wave of epidemics is considered to be a harsh test for enterprises’ resilience, making the survival and recovery scenario more difficult and longer than expected.

According to Deloitte’s latest survey of crisis overcoming experiences from 2,260 leaders in 21 countries, there are 5 factors that help make a business resilient and resilient during the pandemic.

1. Be prepared

Right from the early days of the epidemic, we immediately implemented synchronous anti-epidemic measures, ensuring compliance with state regulations, but still maintained production and business activities.

Online meeting equipment is equipped, online meeting accounts are purchased, combined with the management and reporting system on the available online platform, helping to keep activities going as usual. Not only that, we also have to meet the entire chop bu leadership team to agree on being exemplary in work and ready to face the challenges ahead, and must have a strong spirit for the turnaround. timely transfer.

doanh nghiệp kiên cường
AMACCAO is always ready to improvise with any event

With the Group having nearly 4,000 employees and operating in many localities across the country, we have to mentally prepare employees for a long-term battle with the epidemic right from the first outbreak of the epidemic. we can predict that the covid 19 epidemic will not pass quickly and thanks to that we have foresight, a plan to prepare for the long-term severity of this crisis so that everyone must be mentally ready and it is not surprising when one epidemic ends and another comes.

As soon as vaccines are distributed, we are the first to register for vaccination for all officers and employees.

If you want to be well prepared during a pandemic, keep observing, monitoring, and taking immediate action.

2. Know how to adapt and turn quickly

The pandemic occurred, the Group’s revenue still grew, but not without the affected companies. We have to adapt.

I take the example of Success Business – an educational organization on self-development and business development that organizes more than 100 large and small events each year. Everything went very smoothly as we were able to organize gatherings of up to hundreds of people. However, when the COVID epidemic came, everything seemed to stall, revenue dropped, even some programs had to stop.

doanh nghiệp tự cường
Success Business moves from face-to-face training to online

For several months, we struggled to find a profitable online operating model even though we didn’t know anything about how to organize online before. Determined in our mind that ‘survive and grow or die’, we were determined to thrive and by doing it again and again, we have become proficient and professional in organizing online events. Right from the first wave of COVID, I shared with you, that “this COVID will stick around for a long time, we have to adapt, “live with the covid storm”.

Tiến sĩ Tô Nhật trong một buổi dạy học online

Currently, we are confident that we can bring online training programs that are effective for learners not inferior to offline programs, even reaching students around the country.

3. Know how to cooperate

The sooner enterprises remove the mentality of partiality and non-cooperation, the more likely they are to overcome events and challenges. In the midst of danger, constantly “listen” and cooperate at the right time to create opportunities for win-win. win-win. It’s not just about business cooperation, but also within your own personnel.

doanh nghiệp kiên cường
Officers at all levels always accompany each other to overcome all difficulties

The cooperation and consensus in the leadership team as well as the entire team in the implementation of new policies in accordance with actual conditions, is a key factor for your business to weather the storm. When all members of the team agree with one heart to go ‘through the storm’, the hard work also becomes easy, and if internally without consensus, ‘easy also becomes difficult’. Therefore, leaders must know how to mobilize collective intelligence to create perfect harmony in their team.

4. Have credibility

The more trust the company has with its employees and customers, the more effective it is to overcome events.
The epidemic does not make our shipments late to customers thanks to the arrangement and assurance of safety measures in production. Although some office departments are closed alternately, they still ensure that customer support is always smooth. Our factories producing essential goods are located in the epidemic area but still have to arrange ‘3 on-site’ to ensure the timely supply of goods and services to society and customers.

doanh nghiệp tự cường
AVIA implements 3 on-site activities to ensure product supply to the market

With employees, we consider it as the root of development, without them, there would be no place like today. We always prioritize the safety of our employees first; at the same time, being flexible in arranging employees to take alternate leave, work online, and support difficult cases.

5. Be responsible

Any activity of the companies in the group puts accountability on top of priority. Responsibility to yourself, to the company, to suppliers, to customers and to society.

doanh nghiệp kiên cường
AMACCAO supports Dong Anh district’s Covid prevention fund

What comes from the heart reaches the heart. We spread care to customers, spread community responsibility when supporting water, rice and finance for the localities where we have production and business facilities to contribute to the government’s fight against the epidemic. supporting partners to overcome difficulties, all of which give us an advantage when the market recovers!

Wishing business owners a strong will, steady hands, take their business ship through the “storm” and “after the rain, the sun will shine again” for you to “win invincible”!

To Nhat.

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