A corner of AMACCAO pile factory in Ha Nam

A corner of AMACCAO pile factory in Ha Nam

Amaccao concrete pile factory is constantly being improved, investing heavily in technology and machinery to improve quality and be able to compete in the market.

AMACCAO centrifugal pile factory

Despite expanding production towards a multi-industry group, AMACCAO GROUP still spends special investment and attention on construction material production plants, including piles. in Henan.

So far, after 3 years of joining the market and reaching the milestone of 5,000,000 MD spindles, AMACCAO Joint Stock Company (Under AMACCAO GROUP) has continuously received the trust of customers – partners across the country. Ha Nam pile factory located in Ha Nam Industry cluster continuously increases its capacity to meet orders promptly.

It can be said that, for more than 2 decades, AMACCAO is among the top leading brands in the field of construction material production – consumer goods.

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Ha Nam centrifugal pile production line

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