A day of experience under the 42-degree sun at AMACCAO Ha Nam Concrete Factory

A day of experience under the 42-degree sun at AMACCAO Ha Nam Concrete Factory

“Must go to the place, witnessing and hands directly contact, we can penetrate the true value of concrete products branded AMACCAO”.

At 9am, we were at AMACCAO 2 concrete factory in Kien Khe town, Thanh Liem, Ha Nam. The road leading to the factory is only a sand truck, carrying construction materials and ramming. Here, “specialty” is sand, stone, gravel, cement, construction materials are transported to all parts of the country, to large and small projects throughout the country.

Behind the luxurious buildings, many amenities are the hard work of the workers, the engineers, including the people working in this town of Kien Khe. And AMACCAO engineers and workers are also among those who create that value.

AMACCAO Concrete Factory a hot sunny day with the outside temperature above 40 degrees Celsius

Stepping down from the car, the concrete floor burns in the 42-degree outdoor heat, even higher temperatures that make people familiar with the office, air-conditioners like us really shocked by the heat. shocked. Sunny, site wind is completely different from the sun outside the city wind. The sun was hotter, and the wind carried a lot more heat.

Those were the peak sunny days of the North. Therefore, the ground is full of gravel, all stone, and the background is asking for bamboo shoots at this AMACCAO 2 concrete factory as if “evaporating” that the engineers and workers here called each other happily as “the eight trigrams furnace”. “Come down here, not sealed from head to toe, what kind of way to the city everyone is black west” – the half-joke of an engineer made us involuntarily look at each other, laugh. But I am sure, each of us also feels sorrier than the people who are working hard day by day with AMACCAO to build brand value.

AMACCAO centrifugal pile products

“Sunbathing today” – that is the catchphrase of the whole team when they first arrived at the factory. Outside the pile workshop, sewer workshop, concrete structure workshop of the AMACCAO 2 factory, the scorching sun seemed to scorch everything.

Outside the warehouse, only concrete is concrete so the sun is even more intense. His eyes were teary, he wiped his sweat several times with his hand and still didn’t soak into it. Occasionally, each vehicle carrying sand, gravel, material in, immediately followed by a vehicle to discharge water, just go and wash. On their clothes, the sisters are soaked in sweat that they still laugh at when they see each other.

All of these scenes made me dumbfounded, suddenly I asked myself: “What is the hard work in the office, in the cool of the air conditioner, compared to the tenacious people here?”. Yet, they always looked happy, their hands were always nimble and firm, and what I felt most clearly was that the enthusiasm in their hearts was never for them.

Sometimes the heat outside wants to melt them, and sometimes on someone’s callused face begins to appear sadness or tiredness but only for a moment. Encompassing all is an atmosphere of hard work, excitement, which gives me more motivation. And suddenly, the mood became funny, the sun began to make me excited with the photos could not be brighter and more beautiful. Do you see?

Despite the sun, hot above 40 degrees Celsius, the technical team still checked the quality of each product, before bringing it to market.

When going inside the factory, the air is somewhat cooler, but it is not possible to prevent the heat accumulated from the machines that are working at full capacity. Concrete mixers, culvert molds, centrifugal pile machines, etc. are still smoothly working at full capacity under the supervision of technical brothers. On my shirt, I still see sweat-soaked.

Being here, witness, and experience the reality, we have a better understanding when the value of AMACCAO brings. It is a home for those who are passionate and constantly trying. Being here, witness with our own eyes, we love those workers out there, appreciate each product and understand the value of each product that you have made and reached the users.

One day to experience life, work at AMACCAO concrete factory in the 42-degree heat helped me break many things, that it is the enthusiasm, love, and responsibility of the people here contributed to the creation. the enduring value of AMACCAO concrete products.

Some pictures at AMACCAO concrete factory:

The road leading to AMACCAO 2 concrete factory in Ha Nam

Trucks carrying sewage works are always ready to go everywhere

Water spray truck to cool at the construction site

Photos in AMACCAO drain factory

Work hard in the sun outside than 40 degrees Celsius

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