AMACCAO culvert leads in the North market

AMACCAO culvert leads in the North market

For a long time, the brand of AMACCAO concrete culverts has “stuck” deeply in the hearts of partners – customers. Built in 2007, AMACCAO now has two sewer manufacturing plants located in Hanoi and Ha Nam. Both have now become No.1 factories that producing concrete culverts in Vietnam.

AMACCAO Pile Factory

In addition, both AMACCAO GROUP factories currently have 12 production lines of concrete culvert pipes. And all 12 lines are trademarks of Germany such as German euphoria and German Omax machines. Each of these lines of AMACCAO GROUP is worth more than 2 million Euro.

AMACCAO can produce round and square culverts according to partner orders. Circular culverts can be cast from a diameter of 300 to a diameter of 3,000. As for square sewers, box culverts we can cast up to 4,000 – 4,500 in diameter, even cast on site up to 5,000.

Our entire production process of concrete culverts is automated and mechanized from carved to steel cage stages. Therefore, the time to make steel cage is very fast, it only takes about 3 to 6 minutes to have a steel cage. Meanwhile, with manual methods when making steel cages, it can take up to half a day to finish 1-2 steel cages.

With such automation technology, AMACCAO GROUP produces round and regular steel cage products, steel spokes, steel jump steps very well, so the bearing capacity of the steel cage is excellent. Not to mention AMACCAO also uses cold rolled steels, so it will be more economical to use hot rolled steels. Annually, AMAACCAO Group in general, 2 concrete factories or structural plants in particular use a lot of materials on cement, steel, stone and sand.

And for a long time, the concrete that AMACCAO GROUP is producing is completely dry concrete, the slump is non, so the very high grade of concrete is highly appreciated by customers – partners and is always the first choice of owners. investors, contractors…

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