AMACCAO training KPIs for employees

AMACCAO training KPIs for employees

On June 19, 2021, AMACCAO had a training session to develop KPIs for office and factory staff at Ha Nam campus.

The training session was directly taught by expert Van Nguyen HR – human resource training expert, Director of Greenstarct with the participation of more than 60 officials from team leader level and above.

đào tạo kpis

The officers and employees participated in the training session with the mentality of “an empty glass” to be ready to absorb the maximum knowledge and apply it directly in their daily work.

đào tạo kpis

Everyone participated enthusiastically

The training session was extremely exciting with group activities and exercises to directly apply knowledge to specific jobs of each department despite the heat of more than 40 degrees in Ha Nam.

Human resources are always the top concern of AMACCAO’s Board of Directors. Therefore, the above interesting and useful training sessions will be continuously deployed by AMACCAO’s leadership at the facilities and factory clusters.

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