AMACCAO trains soft skills for nearly 200 employees

AMACCAO trains soft skills for nearly 200 employees

To help employees to have necessary skills, contribute to promoting the sustainable development of AMACCAO Group, PhD. To Nhat, Vice President of AMACCAO has opened a soft skills training course for nearly 200 employees of the company.

Nearly 200 AMACCAO GROUP employees participated in the soft skills training

The famous Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud once assumed that: “Man is lazy, hates labor and therefore always seeks to avoid working”. So, “people need: to be rewarded, forced, warned and punished.”

This is the “stick and carrot” philosophy of management.

Lesson “How to make effective planning” taught by Vice Chairman of To Nhat

According to this theory, it is possible that managers must constantly, tightly monitor their employees in an oppressive atmosphere in which both – the manager and the manager – do not have any chance for success or creativity.

PhD. To Nhat’s training program includes lessons on management skills, presentation skills, effective planning skills, sales skills, negotiation skills, negotiation, etc. is mainly aiming to maximize the value of “carrots”, making each employee a “boss” of his own work process, find joy, look be responsible and make efforts to accomplish your job well.

Previously, Dr. To Nhat also opened a training course for nearly 100 employees of Amaccao Joint Stock Company (AMACCAO GROUP member) working in Ha Nam industrial cluster (Kien Khe town, Thanh Liem, Ha Nam).

Dr. To Nhat – AMACCAO GROUP Vice President said: “Most of the large enterprises in the world and Vietnam are interested in training quality human resources. Not only improving their expertise, but businesses also focus on developing soft skills for employees who not only help them improve themselves, contribute to the development of the company, but also want to retain talented people and people. suitable for the Company, helping them increasingly engage with the company. That is the main purpose of the courses that I have designed the lecture to deliver to my staff overtime.”

It is known that the soft skills training course for nearly 200 AMACCAO employees takes place for nearly 8 hours, but according to the participants, they are not tired or bored because the lessons are very lively, intuitive, and attractive. Not only that, the trainees said that the group division to learn, the group activities in the training session really attracted and attached the trainees. Since then, students are confident to present, express ideas and points of view drawn after each lesson.

Ms. Hoang Ha – Business Manager of piles, pipes segment, of AMACCAO GROUP shared: “I was fascinated by the lessons of the Boss because of the practicality and helped me to be more motivated to continue to stick and contribute to the development of the Group”.

After the success of the soft skills training class for nearly 200 employees working at the headquarters, the Vice President of the Group will continue to open other training courses for employees in industrial clusters and member factories. Besides, Dr. To Nhat also receives invitations from other small and medium enterprises for similar courses shortly.

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