Current methods of pressing concrete piles

Current methods of pressing concrete piles

There are many methods of pile construction applied by investors, construction contractors, depending on the construction that you can use the method of pile construction accordingly.

Pile pressing construction method is one of the 4 most common pile construction methods including pile slamming method, pile pressing method, pile driving method and pile vibration method.

Depending on the construction, depending on the type of pile that we apply any method of construction. In particular, pile pressing is one of the most important construction items with different ways, especially in works with soft soil areas, easy settlement and mainly applied to square piles and round piles. There are 3 different methods of pressing piles: Piling anchors; Construction of pile loading; Construction of pile pressing by robot presses.


The method of pressing pile construction method is to use anchors to hold the pile to the ground only applied to residential buildings, small works. The anchor will be drilled deep into the ground to counterbalance the load of iron or concrete. Formally, this way of pressing concrete piles is similar to pressing iron loading piles.

The equipment used to press the anchor is hydraulic press. It does not create pressure in the system but only flow, the flow is hindered to create pressure. Interferences created in the hydraulic system by cylinder assemblies, motors, valve assemblies, pipes, friction.

The anchor drill used is 1.5m long and 35cm in diameter. The thickness of the anchors can be up to 15mm; the anchors are connected by pins. Anchor pressure depends on the diameter of the anchor, the capacity of the press. Depending on the geology of the construction site, deep or shallow anchoring will be conduct.

The advantages of this method of pressing an anchor is fast, simple, easy to execute in tight spaces, small alleys in the city; Do not affect surrounding structures, make less noise than other methods. This method has low cost and owners; contractors can easily check the quality.

The disadvantage of this method is that the bearing force is not equal to the force of iron loading, only suitable for residential buildings, unable to execute high-rise buildings, in large loads and requires geological survey records to determine the pile depth.


A method of compressing the pile by using the load from the counterweight to create the force to push the pile to the ground. The main counterweight is the heavy concrete blocks. The rig has a pressing load of 60 to 150 tons. Townhouses are usually 60-70 tons piles.

Currently, all methods of concrete pile pressing generally use mechanical locomotives to pile construction. Replace the 1-cylinder engine with weak capacity as before. Iron pile presses use a 6-cylinder motorized motor. Producing a capacity of 350-420 horsepower, 500Nm of torque at 6000 rpm. Helps create a maximum pressure of about 200 tons.

The advantage of this method is that it is used for tall buildings and large constructions with very good bearing capacity.

The disadvantage of this method is the need for large and open space for pressing construction. Long construction time, high cost. Making quite a loud noise affects many people around.


Before going in and starting to pile concrete piles with a robot press, it must be fully prepared with materials, labor and sprouting machine, electrical system, infrastructure.

This is the most modern and most common method of piling construction. This method is specialized for high-volume projects, often with tens of thousands of meters of fast construction time, often making large projects.

The advantages of the method of pressing piles by robot pressing machines are saving costs and manpower, especially shortening the construction time.

Above is information on 3 methods of pile construction compiled by AMACCAO GROUP. Reportedly, the construction method of piles is applied to square and round piles.

There is a note when using and learning 3 ways to pile concrete piles, you must understand how to calculate the pile head pressure before pressing the concrete piles, how to calculate such accuracy and minimize the process of pressing concrete piles cardboard.

AMACCAO Group will continue to send you articles about pile construction methods (applied to square and round piles); piles construction method (applied to round piles and burning piles) and vibration method of pile construction (applied to the construction of pile piles) in the following articles.

Depending on the project, you can use which method of pile construction is most appropriate, ensuring the quality and progress of the project.

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