Hai Giang Merry Land project uses AMACCAO piles

Hai Giang Merry Land project uses AMACCAO piles

AMACCAO is a concrete pile supplier trusted and selected by the investor of the Hai Giang project Merry Land. Learn more about this project in the article below!

Hai Giang Merry Land Quy Nhon is an Hai Giang coastal urban area project. Located in Nhon Hoi economic zone, Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province, the total project area is 650 hectares.

Hai Giang Merry Land, with an international brand, invests in the beautiful sea of Quy Nhon with a coastline of 134km, this is considered a pioneer project to bring luxury resort real estate into the development of the famous martial land.

hải đăng merry land
Project construction pictures

The project has a scale of 300 5-star hotel rooms, resort villas, and a chain of super-luxury services such as an 18-hole golf course that promises to bring a sophisticated and authentic resort space to every moment here. create new sources of inspiration and vitality. Owning a golden position “like the mountain, facing the water”, leaning against Phuong Mai mountain facing the Hai Giang sea will definitely bring fortune and prosperity to the owner’s family, the potential to increase the value of MerryLand Villas Quy Nhon is guaranteed.

Project overview:

  • Project name: Hai Giang Merry Land
  • Location: Hai Giang Hamlet, Nhon Hai Commune, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province
  • Investor: Hung Thinh Corporation
  • Total area: 656 hectares (305 hectares will be reforested for ecological development)
  • Investment capital: 3,500 billion VND
  • Project scale: 300 rooms of a 5-star hotel, resort villa plot, and entertainment area..
  • Cable car system connecting Mui Tan with Phuong Mai peninsula
  • Green park area
  • Golf course with 18 holes
  • Land area: 108 – 300 m2
  • Types of Villas: 240 m2, 300m2,…

As the No. 1 concrete pile supplier in the North, with its professionalism and prestige, AMACCAO became the supplier for this project.

AMACCAO – reinforced concrete pile solution number 1.

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