“Keeping the factory lights on during the epidemic season”

“Keeping the factory lights on during the epidemic season”

With AMACCAO, it is the effort and determination of both the Group and its partners. Securing the factory to maintain production during the pandemic not only solves the survival problem of an enterprise but also contributes to stabilizing the national economy.

“Good news from far away”, businesses welcome many new orders

The fourth Covid-19 epidemic broke out quickly and became increasingly dangerous, causing many localities to apply social distancing measures according to Directive No. 16 of the Prime Minister. This heavily affects thousands and millions of business households and businesses across the country.

According to statistics of the Business Registration Administration, in the first 6 months of 2021, the number of enterprises withdrawing from the market was 70,209 enterprises, an increase of 24.9% over the same period last year.

While many businesses had to close, suspend production and business, even go bankrupt or dissolved, the two industrial clusters producing concrete piles of AMACCAO Group in Hanoi and Ha Nam are still lit day and night. workers are divided into 3 rotating shifts, both ensuring compliance with regulations on disease prevention and ensuring the business plan has been approved since the beginning of 2021.

“So far, the company’s export revenue has started to decline due to the complicated epidemic situation, some localities are applying social distancing measures under Directive 16, making it difficult to deliver and receive goods. . However, AMACCAO’s concrete pile factories in Hanoi and Ha Nam industrial clusters are still lit day and night, maintaining production to meet the number of orders as planned,” said Mr. General Director of AMACCAO Group, Chairman of AMACCAO Ha Nam Industrial Cluster informed.

nhà máy amaccao

It is known that AMACCAO Group has 12 factories specialized in manufacturing concrete culvert components, divided into 2 large industrial clusters in Thanh Liem, Ha Nam province with a scale of 20ha and Dong Anh cluster, Hanoi with a scale of 12ha. . Although the Hanoi area is implementing social distancing according to Directive 16, production at AMACCAO’s factory is still maintained thanks to the full implementation of epidemic prevention measures.

Most businesses said that the Covid-19 epidemic has affected customer access, disrupted the supply chain, caused a sharp decrease in revenue, many workers quit, and business operations were extremely difficult. It is difficult to survive during the epidemic season, even more, difficult to think about growth, but recently, AMACCAO Group has continuously signed many new orders, which is not in the most favorable market share of Vietnam. Corporation, group.

“AMACCAO’s products have arrived in Binh Dinh and Quy Nhon. After completing the Hai Giang Merry Land project of Hung Thinh, “good news from far away”, many investors actively contacted AMACCAO, then we immediately signed 2 big projects in Quy Nhon, This shows the quality and reputation of AMACCAO products, more and more customers know and come to cooperate with us”, Mr. Nghi excitedly shared.

Continuing to choose to conquer complex and technically demanding projects, AMACCAO is currently providing concrete pile products for a series of large projects such as the Nghi Son Port project, wind power project in Vietnam Gia Lai, implementing Ecopark’s project…

In addition, AMACCAO’s concrete pile export business also recorded positive results. After the first export order to Taiwan worth more than 2.5 million USD signed on February 1, 2021, AMACCAO has so far exported 3 orders to Taiwan with a total value of more than 10 million USD.

Currently, the Group is in the process of negotiating the next orders for export to the markets of Bangladesh and South Korea, initial information shows that the negotiating parties are very goodwill and have reached agreements. most specific.

Determined to stabilize production and grow in the middle of the epidemic season

nhà máy amaccao

So what has helped AMACCAO maintain its development pace in the current extremely difficult objective conditions?

Through a quick online connection with one of the key leaders of AMACCAO Group, we learned that today’s success of AMACCAO mainly comes from 3 factors including outstanding quality, competitive price and quality service, class A people.

In which, the quality of concrete components is a prerequisite and also the strength of AMACCAO thanks to an abundant and quality source of materials; The most modern equipment and technology lines in Vietnam, with high automation capabilities. The production process is operated by a team of employees with long-term experience, enthusiasm, passion, and responsibility for the profession.

In terms of prices, AMACCAO said that thanks to the companionship and trust over many years of cooperation, input material suppliers have trusted and agreed to perform price adjustment agreements to a reasonable level. in the context of raw material prices on the market tend to increase sharply. Therefore, AMACCAO still retains a competitive advantage, exporting many large-value orders in the context of the epidemic’s coverage and having many negative effects on the overall operation of the market.

As for the human factor, in addition to selecting personnel with long experience and dedication to the profession, AMACCAO always focuses on building a friendly corporate image, truly a partner, companion, and sharing. Sharing worries, always worrying with customers to best solve all problems, bring results beyond expectations for customers.

In addition to the above factors, to maintain operations while the country implements epidemic prevention and control, many localities apply social distancing measures, businesses are forced to adapt to business conditions. new and AMACCAO is no exception.

Grasping the situation, this business immediately changed. Thanks to the advantage of having a diverse business ecosystem, AMACCAO’s customer and information fund are very large, so it is easy for the Group to switch to online work. All work is currently being discussed, discussed, and directed online, while production activities at factories are still maintained. Even meeting with partners and customers is now conducted through social networking platforms and brings about the same efficiency as the previous traditional form of work while saving a lot of costs and saving money. time, and at the same time ensure regulations on epidemic prevention and control, keeping partners, themselves, family, and community safe.

“We immediately changed and adapted to the new situation, not only thoroughly in the entire AMACCAO Ha Nam team, but this spirit was carried out throughout the Group, not only within the company but also within the company. applicable to customers and partners. The Board of Directors sets goals and is always aware that even during the epidemic season, we still have to grow, we always prepare adaptive solutions… AMACCAO’s people are like that”, said Chairman of AMACCAO Industrial Cluster Ha. Nam proudly said.

The leader also revealed that AMACCAO’s goal of maintaining and growing during the pandemic will be achieved through efforts to reduce the cost of input materials, thereby reducing costs so that the product can grow. far away, into areas less affected by the epidemic and do well in epidemic control.

However, like many other businesses, AMACCAO calls on businesses and people to join hands, upholding the spirit of disease prevention to control the disease as quickly as possible, bringing the production rhythm of the units in general as well. As the rhythm of people’s life returns to normal, the economy is restored and developed.

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