North-South Expressway Super Project – Today’s leading national key project

North-South Expressway Super Project – Today’s leading national key project

Referring to the key projects in Vietnam today, we cannot ignore the North-South expressway project. Experts said that this project, after being completed and put into operation, will create a big push and impact on the transformation of the economic structure of many localities.
Therefore, to ensure that this project will be an exemplary work and a push to open the door to attract investment, ensure the goals of socio-economic promotion, and reduce traffic accidents in localities where The project runs, the Ministry of Transport (Ministry of Transport) confirms that it has selected the best contractors to implement the North-South expressway project through strict standards and requirements.
dự án cao tốc bắc nam

“The project must organize the selection of contractors with good capacity in terms of human resources, equipment, and finance, experienced in construction and at the same time select supervision consultants to ensure their capacity and responsibility. high; meet solutions including technology solutions to ensure strict monitoring of project progress, meeting all technical and quality standards,” said Minister of Transport. download Nguyen Van The affirmed.

In 2021, AMACCAO PILE has been supplying and constructing piles for the construction project of the section of National Highway 45 Nghi Son under the Project to build a number of expressways on the East North-South route in the period of 2017 -2021.

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