[Press report] Speedy construction at Seraphin garbage power plant, aiming to exceed schedule

[Press report] Speedy construction at Seraphin garbage power plant, aiming to exceed schedule

After just over 2 months of groundbreaking and rapid construction, the project investor has carried out a huge amount of work, aiming to exceed the schedule to meet the urgent needs of treatment. waste management.

Speed up construction, towards the goal of exceeding the committed schedule

On March 30, 2022, Seraphin Green Environment Technology Joint Stock Company of AMACCAO Group started the construction of the Seraphin Waste Power Plant in Xuan Son, Son Tay, Hanoi. Seraphin Factory is invested with the desire to turn several thousand tons of waste per day into electricity, while significantly reducing the pressing waste landfill situation, and at the same time creating a source of green-clean energy.

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After just over 2 months from the date of commencement, the project has done a huge amount of work. Many times, the construction site operates 3 shifts/day and night at full capacity to ensure that the committed schedule is exceeded.

Mr. Vu Van Ngoc – General Director of the project said that the investor has committed to the city to construct within 20 months to put the plant into operation and generate electricity to handle the very urgent waste of Hanoi.

“After starting the construction, AMACCAO Group has poured resources into finance, machinery, materials, and equipment, nearly 300 people are working 3 shifts at the construction site to execute fast and expeditiously on the passing construction site. progress of the items”, Mr. Ngoc said.

Specifically, according to information from the investor’s representative, currently, the Seraphin Waste Power Plant project has completed nearly 10,000m2 of the system of project operators, experts, equipment storage yards, and other works. Auxiliary; 90% of the leveling work is completed; the rest of the pile pressing reaches over 90% of all items. Some other items are also urgently constructed such as garbage tanks, wastewater treatment tanks, main factories, and chimneys…

According to Mr. Vu Van Ngoc, the peculiarity of the construction of a garbage power plant is mainly the foundation system, underground, underground pipe systems, underground wires in the foundation and tunnels, tanks… These items require complexity. , high technology during construction. Meanwhile, the body part is the erection of a steel structure and a special pre-assembled concrete structure.

“In order to both speed up the progress and meet the special quality technical requirements of the factory, the general contractor ordered the parallel production of the factory structure at the factories so that after completing the foundation and pedestal system, The machine is to install both equipment and factory structure in parallel, “said Mr. Ngoc.

Currently, AMACCAO is urging contractors to do 3 urgent shifts in processing, manufacturing, and manufacturing technological equipment. It is expected that in October of this year, equipment will be gathered at the project with the goal of installing the machine and installing the factory structure at the same time (the factory is mainly a pre-assembled structure), and in early 2023, the boiler system will be installed. steam, piping systems, generator systems, and electrical equipment.

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Commit to at least 2-3 months ahead of schedule, meeting the urgent need for waste treatment

When asked specifically about the progress of the Seraphin Waste Power Plant project, AMACCAO Group’s leaders affirmed that it will be at least 2-3 months ahead of schedule compared to the commitment to the city. According to the representative of the corporation, with the results achieved so far, the ability to exceed the schedule is entirely possible.

When speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony of the project in March this year, the leader of the Hanoi People’s Committee emphasized that the Seraphin Waste Power Plant is one of the projects that contribute to the modernization of waste treatment and reduction of waste. landfill rate according to the Government’s orientation. When put into operation, the project will contribute to improving the quality of the environment, considering waste as a resource, for a cleaner, greener city.

The Seraphin project was awarded Investment Policy Decision No. 2485 on June 16, 2020, with a capacity of 1,500 tons/day and night, with a total capital of nearly VND 4,000 billion. This is the second garbage power plant project of Hanoi city, after the plant in Soc Son. Together with the Soc Son factory, Seraphin will basically treat garbage in the city in the direction of burning waste to generate electricity instead of burying it.

nhà máy điện rác seraphin

Affirming that the need for waste treatment in the near future is very urgent when the urban development speed is strong and the population growth rate is higher, the leaders of the Hanoi People’s Committee have suggested that the departments and localities to actively coordinate, guide, remove and assist with procedures for Seraphin Company – AMACCAO Group to deploy the project, ensure the safety and quality of the project, on schedule.

According to the investor, the Seraphin Waste Power Plant is approved according to European emission and wastewater standards. Specifically:

– Emission standards: Waste gas treatment of domestic waste incinerators meets QCVN 61-MT:2016/BTNMT – National technical regulation on domestic solid waste incinerators (Kv = 0.6); QCVN 30:2012/BTNMT – National technical regulation on industrial waste incinerator emissions and European environmental standards (Directive 2010/75/EU); treating exhaust gas from other systems to meet QCVN 19:2009/BTNMT on industrial emissions for dust and inorganic substances column B with coefficients Kp = 0.8; Kv = 0.8.

– Wastewater standards: Applied according to QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT – National technical regulation on industrial wastewater, column A with coefficient Kq = 0.8; Kf = 1.1; QCTDHN 02:2014/BTNMT – Technical regulation on industrial wastewater in the Capital area, column A coefficient Kq = 0.8; Kf = 1.1.


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