PRESS WRITING ABOUT “AMACCAO engineer’s journey of passion and attachment to the business”

PRESS WRITING ABOUT “AMACCAO engineer’s journey of passion and attachment to the business”

The engineers of AMACCAO Ha Nam Concrete Factory, working with passion, and creating high-quality products for society are one of the many reasons for them to stick with the leading concrete structure manufacturing enterprise. This.

Emotions are hard to find in other industries

Working with the construction industry for more than 15 years and spending most of that time with AMACCAO, Mr. Pham Dang Doan – Permanent Deputy General Director cum Director of AMACCAO Ha Nam Concrete Factory – admitted that the profession chose him, but the first job coming to AMACCAO are very careful considerations for your passion as well as your career goals.

Ông Phạm Đăng Đoàn - Phó tổng giám đốc thường trực kiêm Giám đốc Nhà máy bê tông AMACCAO Hà Nam
Mr. Pham Dang Doan – Permanent Deputy General Director cum Director of AMACCAO Ha Nam Concrete Factory (far right)

Standing shoulder to shoulder with this director for more than 7 years, Mr. Nguyen Van An – Deputy General Director in charge of the production of factory  AMACCAO Ha Nam – believes that creating concrete structural products by hand can survive for hundreds of years is emotional and that is hard to find in other manufacturing industries.

“Most of us are construction engineers who are passionate about challenges and want to conquer difficulties. This job is difficult because each concrete product is a technical product, requiring creativity.

At that time, AMACCAO was the choice of me and many brothers because of the open working environment and the opportunity to develop my own capacity. The factory scale is up to 15ha, many pieces of equipment are imported from Europe and Korea, and the production line is invested synchronously and modernly. In addition, the board of directors is very enthusiastic and wants to make the company a leader in the precast concrete industry in Vietnam”, Mr. Doan shared.

Ông Nguyễn Văn An, Phó tổng giám đốc phụ trách sản xuất AMACCAO HÀ NAM
Mr. Nguyen Van An, Deputy General Director in charge of production AMACCAO HA NAM

Every day, these engineers choose to sweat in the factory to create quality concrete products that are technical, aesthetic, and durable.

Although working conditions in the concrete industry may be tougher than in many other industries, the enthusiasm, love, and responsibility of the people here have never faded. People may be tired, and sweat may fall a lot, but the quality of each product is never allowed to be overdone.

According to Mr. An, the happiness of engineers like him is to see concrete products being completed and transported to all parts of the country. At that time, the engineer was secretly proud that behind the luxurious and classy works, there was a contribution from a part of their efforts and their colleagues.

con người AMACCAO
Thanks to AMACCAO’s passion, hard work, and human intelligence efforts, many customer problems have been solved.

Engineers at the factory also sometimes have to face fatigue and challenges with difficult problems of customers. As a pioneer in the concrete industry, they have the opportunity to interact with many large domestic customers as well as international.

“Despite the trade-off with the nights of constantly clinging to the factory to find solutions, experiment, and complete the finished product, I still find it worthwhile because those challenges give me motivation, bravery, and growth as well as pride when conquering and overcoming challenges”, Mr. An shared.

Trước những bài toán khó của khách hàng, ông An cùng đồng nghiệp sẵn sàng đánh đổi bằng những đêm dài bám nhà máy để tìm tòi giải pháp và hoàn thiện sản phẩm
Before the difficult problems of customers, Mr. An and his colleagues are willing to trade long nights at the factory to find solutions and perfect products.

“AMACCAO is a progressive and progressive group, and we lived in the right environment that we wanted. There, we were encouraged to find new solutions for Vietnamese people and apply our knowledge, and experience gained from the foreign environment to create pioneering products with the best quality and aesthetics Although concrete is silent, export contracts bring AMACCAO piles abroad, or car trips Carrying AMACCAO concrete structures from ordinary to special to the project not only marks the company but also brings our heart and passion,” said Mr. Doan.

Concrete also needs to be beautiful

In addition to meeting the technical and quality requirements, AMACCAO’s structural concrete also makes a clear difference thanks to its aesthetics.

Each product is like a work of art. The product surface is always smooth and shiny; a Diversity of types, straight, cylindrical, curved, wavy, semicircular, and zigzag… are the distinguishing features of AMACCAO’s structural concrete from other products.

Sản phẩm cấu kiện bê tông của AMACCAO cân bằng các yếu tố kỹ - mỹ thuật
AMACCAO’s concrete structural products balance technical and artistic elements.

Concrete is a combination of many materials with different parameters in terms of elasticity, water absorption, adhesion, and stability… but must meet the requirements at the level of “just like a basic product”.

Therefore, in addition to applying a series of Vietnamese standards to balance the technical – fine art elements, leaders and engineers must learn from foreign experts and companies, and learn more documents themselves.

Sharing about the semicircular prefabricated concrete contract to serve as the test track of the Hyundai Thanh Cong factory, Mr. Nguyen Van An even called this “a blessing because the project schedule is urgent, not allowing making concrete blocks”, so the advantage of precast concrete is clearly shown, surprising customers.

“Customers who order precast concrete, in addition to meeting the schedule, also want the surface and aesthetics of the product to be superior to that of the field-made monolithic concrete. From past to present, talking about manufacturing precast concrete, everyone thought that it could not be done exactly like mechanics, however, the requirements of many investors were the same. was brought to AMACCAO and we created beautiful wavy precast concrete slabs. Even though it was difficult, we did not falter because we always told ourselves we had to do it to affirm with the most demanding investor. about AMACCAO’s real position in the market,” Mr. An said.

Cấu kiện bê tông AMACCAO không chỉ ghi dấu ấn của công ty mà còn mang theo cả trái tim và đam mê của những người kỹ sư AMACCAO
AMACCAO concrete structures not only mark the company’s mark but also carry the heart and passion of AMACCAO engineers.

According to the company representative, the sweat and silent efforts of AMACCAO people have been rolling down all the workshops, roads, and construction sites to get the corporation to develop as it is today, to contribute. to the general prosperity of the country. Those who choose to stick with AMACCAO like Mr. Doan, and Mr. An always believe that choosing such a hard, hardworking, honest, and devoted path will bring success not only for them personally but also for their mission. economic development in Vietnam.

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