Process of Manufacturing AMACCAO Centrifugal Piles

Process of Manufacturing AMACCAO Centrifugal Piles

Amaccao centrifugal piles are manufactured according to TCVN 7888-2014 (Vietnamese standards) and JIS A5373-2010 (Japanese standards). Amaccao centrifugal piles are manufactured on modern lines, synchronous machinery and equipment are imported from abroad.

Currently, Amaccao Pile manufactures PC pre-stressed centrifugal piles and PHC high-strength centrifugal piles with diameter of D300-600.

The entire production process is 100% monitored. Input materials, output products are controlled by experienced technical staff, high qualification, testing standards in LAS 1329 room (licensed by the Ministry of Construction), only when meeting the standards then all materials have just been put into production and shipped. Therefore, the products of centrifugal piles in particular and the products of culverts, PC precast concrete components branded AMACCAO in general are of high quality and meet the requirements of customers – partners.

The following is the whole process of manufacturing AMACCAO Pile Centrifugal Piles:

  1. Checking materials in Las room
  2. Preparing materials
  3. Prepare the mold
  4. Steel cutting – High strength steel canopy
  5. Creating steel cages and assembling steel cages
  6. Spread concrete
  7. Post-tensioning
  8. Spinning centrifugal
  9. Heat curing with steam
  10. Peel off, perfecting the product
  11. Warehousing

To understand more about the production process of centrifugal piles, AMACCAO Pile introduces the following short clip for you to see:


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