AMACCAO Pile Centrifugal Piles are manufactured at AMACCAO Joint Stock Company Factory located in Kien Khe Town, Thanh Liem, Ha Nam. Factories, workshops, and production lines are invested synchronously, modern machinery and equipment are imported from abroad with leading production technology.

1. Production standards and quality management

AMACCAO Pile produces PC piles, PHC D300 ÷ D600 diameters according to TCVN 7888: 2014, JIS A5373, JIS A5337, JIS A5335, and ISO 9001: 2000 quality management systems.

Image of AMACCAO centrifugal pile at Ha Nam factory

2. Application

Centrifugal round piles have many applications for reinforcing foundations of civil works, industrial buildings, wharves …

With a favorable location and convenient transportation, AMACCAO Centrifugal Pile Production Factory is located at the center of an abundant, high-quality raw materials zone suitable for the production of high-strength, conductive concrete, leading in the Northern market. The entire production process is 100% controlled, input materials, output products are monitored by the Las 1329 Department (Licensed by the Ministry of Construction) with a team of experienced and dedicated engineers. Therefore, AMACCAO centrifugal products supplied to the market are always of the highest quality, meeting the tastes, the requirements of customers, and key projects across the country. AMACCAO’s goals are to reach out to the world market.

3. Main advantages of centrifugal piles

• Saving input materials such as concrete and reinforced steel
• International standards, high strength, and durability, concrete strength from 60 Mpa to 80 Mpa
• Shorten the production time
• Advantages during transportation and construction
• Reduction of 15-20% in cost compared to conventional reinforced concrete piles with an equivalent load capacity

Types of AMACCAO centrifugal piles

4. Manufacturing process AMACCAO centrifugal round pile

1. Prepare materials
2. Prepare the mold
3. Cutting steel, riveting high-strength steel
4. Create steel cage and assemble steel cage
5. Concrete spread
6. Post-tensioning
7. Spinning centrifugal
8. Heat curing with steam
9. Peel off, perfecting the product.

AMACCAO Centrifugal round pile factory