AMACCAO post-tensioning sheet piles have many outstanding features such as high tensile strength due to the waveform section and prestressing properties to increase the stiffness, bearing capacity of the planks, reduce the weight for the structure, easy to replace new piles when old piles go into trouble, produce according to advanced technological processes, so the quality is strictly controlled, high productivity, diverse types, low prices, especially easy and accurate in construction, does not need wide ground, minimizing the work of construction flow, etc.…

Therefore, the application of post-tensioning sheet pile technology is increasingly widely applied to building construction in Vietnam.

1. Scope of application

Post-tensioning sheet piles have two applications in construction: permanent and temporary. The regular application is “hold in place,” where the sheet pile walls are closed and retained in the soil. The next application is a temporary application to create construction areas to ensure safety for construction in a limited area. When the permanent works are completed, these piles will be removed and relocated.

2. Standard production of post-tensioning sheet piles

Design standards: TCVN: 7888: 2014 Prestressed centrifugal concrete piles; JIS Standard A5373: 2010; 22 BC 272-05. Bridge design standards; Steel standards: TCVN 1651: 2008 or JIS G3112, ASTM.

3. Concrete strength

Design: PC / PHC 60Mpa / 80Mpa (based on 15x30cm cylinder model).

4. Specifications

5. Featured drawings: