AMACCAO pre-stressed square piles (pre-stressed reinforced concrete piles) are manufactured according to the world’s leading and advanced industrial production lines. AMACCAO brand reinforced concrete square (RC) pile is a traditional product of the Group and one of the leading products in the Northern market.

AMACCAO pre-stressed reinforced concrete square piles are a superior product that can replace reinforced concrete piles and some other types of piles, often used in high-rise buildings, bridges, wharves…

1. Advantages of AMACCAO pre-stressed square piles

* Special solution replacing bored piles to save 20% for any project.

* Bearing up to 750 tons per pile head.

* Applicable to buildings up to 28 floors, without using bored piles.

* Applicable to industrial, civil and transport works effectively.

AMACCAO has invested many “1.000-ton presses” to construct these piles and has applied very effectively to many projects in Vietnam, capable of replacing bored piles.

2. Production standards

• Design standard: TCVN 5574: 2012 “Structure of concrete & concrete – Design standard”, 22TCN272-05 “Bridge design standard”, ACI 318 “Construction requirements for structural concrete”.

• Acceptance criteria: TCVN 9115: 2012 “BT structure and reinforced concrete – Construction and acceptance”, TCVN 4453-1995 “BT structure and concrete reinforced concrete – Construction and acceptance”, TCVN 9114: 2012 “Prestressed concrete products – Technical requirements and acceptance tests”, TCVN 9394: 2012 “Close and squeeze – Construction and acceptance”, PCI MNL 135-00 “BTDUL construction tolerance and prefabricated”.

3. Material of AMACCAO pre-stressed square piles

• High-strength steel: ASTM A416, JIS G3137, JIS G3536.
• Common reinforcement: TCVN 1651: 2008 or equivalent.
• Raw material (crushed stone): ASTM C33 or equivalent.
• Fined aggregate (Natural sand, crushed or combined sand): ASTM C33 or equivalent.
• Cement (Portland Cement mixture of PCB 40 and above): TCVN 6260-2009 or equivalent.
• Water: TCVN 4506: 2012 “Water mixed with concrete and mortar – Technical requirements.”
• Additives comply with ASTM C494.

4. Typical drawings