Safe, cost-effective underground foundation construction solution

Safe, cost-effective underground foundation construction solution

With advantages such as safety, quick construction, and cost savings, the 23m-long H-pillar prestressed concrete product can replace the traditional Barrette diaphragm wall construction in underground works.

Construction of the wall

Currently, the method of construction of diaphragm walls is being interested and widely applied in the construction of high-rise buildings or constructions with basements.

The diaphragm wall is a type of reinforced concrete wall, which is poured right at the construction site. Walls are constructed by partial excavation with crawler cranes using suitable grabbers or torsion wheels to create deep support with carefully calculated dimensions in advance.

The diaphragm wall panels will be excavated by the construction unit based on the orientation of the previously constructed guide wall and allow the level of retaining solution to fluctuate with temporary loads from reinforcement or waterproofing sealing elements.

The normal diaphragm wall will have a thickness of 60cm to 150cm, and a width from 2m to 3.5m. When the final depth is reached, temporary or permanent stop bars are lowered into the trench.

thi công tường vây

Prestressed concrete H-piles can replace traditional Barrette diaphragm wall construction

In the past, the construction of wall piles with Barrette was a commonly used solution in construction projects. It is known that the Barrette diaphragm wall is a method of in-situ concrete wall construction, the wall thickness is usually from 600-800mm to ensure stability for deep foundations.

Barrette diaphragm wall construction is quite complicated, high cost, and time-consuming. Therefore, only professional construction units with sufficient techniques and expertise as well as modern machinery and equipment can apply.

The solution to replace the wall Barrette

Today, the design and construction of works not only meet the needs of function and form but also aim to be more sustainable, economical, safe, and environmentally friendly.

In the face of fierce competition in the market of building materials, material suppliers are struggling with the problem of launching new products to replace traditional materials, ensuring safety and saving factors.

thi công tường H

H-piles prestressed concrete brings great advantages in cost savings, shortening construction time for underground tunnels.

Recently, Amaccao concrete factory has produced prestressed concrete products to replace traditional basement construction methods with H-shaped pile-wall concrete structures, attracting attention in the material market. build.

The H-piles product has a length of 23m, which is considered a major turning point in the current construction market. Up to now, this enterprise is the first unit in the country to produce such long H-piles

With the use of high-strength concrete and cables, prestressed concrete H-piles can be applied to the construction of diaphragm walls for underground works, replacing the traditional Barrette wall construction technology.

Specifically, Amaccao’s H-piles use high-strength reinforcement imported from abroad, so they can exceed large apertures and lengths while ensuring the bearing capacity required by the project.

Although it has a length of 23m and a large size, the H-piles still meet the requirements such as being straight and sharp to put in the construction of 3 basements instead of 1 floor and the length of 12-13m of some buildings. wall type as before.

The application of this new construction technology in the construction industry helps to ensure the waterproofing of excavations, with no need to dig or transport adjacent architecture and shorten the construction schedule.

Currently, many construction projects have used H-pillars to replace traditional diaphragm wall products. Among them can be mentioned as the commercial housing projects Le Hong Phong – Eden Garden or the construction project of underground parking combined with commercial services at Thu Le Park in Hanoi…

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