About AMACCAO’s shipping service

Owning a private parking allows AMACCAO to flexibly transport reinforced concrete products to anywhere in Vietnam. When constructing the framework of various projects, timely transportation ensures the continuity of the construction processes, coupled with convenient assembly like a smooth wheel, meaning that there is no need for intermediate steps. AMACCAO provides the following transportation services to its customers:

1. Transportation by car with steel column concrete is carried out by a 20-ton single-bridge trailer, products with a length of more than 20m, will be transported by specialized vehicles;

2. Rail transportation is carried out by joining carriages, allowing the carriage of girders up to 24m in length;

3. Maritime transportation is carried out by ferries, which can carry 10,000 tons of cargo at a time.

We always try to deliver products to customers in a convenient way, on time, and on schedule as required.


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To receive the most suitable and professional advice for your project, contact AMACCAO right away by calling the Hotline:  097 495 3785.

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