Stories about young people doing business

Stories about young people doing business

Business is an essential and indispensable part of every business. The staff working in the sales department are the people who directly affect the revenue and cash flow of the business. Therefore, businesses always focus on building and developing business departments, and AMACCAO PILE is no exception.

If you are in a position like an accountant, supervisor, etc., you need to pay attention to meticulousness and diligence, then business requires dynamism, breakthroughs, and aggressiveness in the market. Because, doing business not only has to follow customers little by little, but also has to monitor the frequent fluctuations of the market and face fierce competition from external competitors. Business people must be persevering, enthusiastic, seizing opportunities, and ready to explode.

Business people, regardless of field or industry, in recent times, they have faced many difficulties due to the complicated development of the Covid epidemic. AMACCAO piles are no exception.

However, with enthusiasm, dynamism, and goodwill, Mr. Nguyen Trong Khang and Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Tam of AMACCAO PILE’s sales department excellently brought home 2 large contracts with a total value of up to 23 billion VND. and became the 2 best faces in the September unit.

Although the age is quite young, the total time of the two brothers and sisters at AMACCAO PILE is nearly 10 years (Anh Khang has worked since 2017 and Ms. Tam has worked since 2019) has helped them understand the product thoroughly. market and have a certain synergy. Therefore, it is not too difficult to offer and persuade contractors and investors to use AMACCAO sluices, piles, and piles.

From Mr. Khang’s point of view, difficulties and challenges are the strongest motivation for us to try harder every day to develop and succeed. Always try, always go forward and the sweet fruit will come to us.

AMACCAO PILE gives Mr. Khang and Ms. Tam the warmest compliments. Hopefully, in the future, you will always maintain your form and achieve more success in your work.

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