Technology for manufacturing wall panels – New solutions for construction

Technology for manufacturing wall panels – New solutions for construction

Nowadays, the technology of wall and floor panels has become quite popular worldwide, replacing traditional wall – floor, both reducing production costs and speeding up construction progress while ensuring outstanding quality for every project.

Grasping this advantage, AMACCAO GROUP learned and applied the technology of wall and floor panels to create strength prefabricated wall and floor panels to help the construction process of investors and houses. Construction contractors are shortened. Coming from a construction unit, AMACCAO GROUP understands more than anyone the priority for construction time and construction quality today when the world is getting new trends.

Using the Amaccao wall, replacing brick walls will bring more space for users and profit for the investor.

Therefore, putting the floor panels and wall panels into production is one of the goals requested by the Group’s Board of Directors for the series of concrete factories in two locations: Van Noi (Dong Anh) and Kien. Khe (Thanh Liem – Ha Nam).

It is known that AMACCAO concrete factories in Van Noi (Dong Anh) are producing all kinds of hollow-core floor panels, while the cluster of the concrete factory in Ha Nam is focusing on producing precast wall panels.

Floor panels are manufactured in Van Noi (Dong Anh – Hanoi)

Usually, wall and floor panels come in two types: solid and hollow. Depending on the requirements of the structure or the customer’s choice, solid or hollow sheets may be selected. However, the hollow type has better sound and thermal insulation. Wall and floor plate technology allow the use of normal or pre-stressed steel. Typically, will use pre-stressed steel to beat span and aperture.

With features such as lightweight, overtaking big spans, quick and simple construction time, high heat resistance, good waterproofing, high aesthetics, saving concrete materials, combined with using Use high-strength steel should save costs, reduce costs compared to brick construction or compared with placing concrete on site. Especially, for hollow products, with hollow cores, it is very convenient for technology piping.

With strict production processes, modern equipment systems, as well as the source of production materials carefully selected before being put into production, the product of Amaccao wall panels and floor panels, are of high quality.

Currently, Amaccao wall panels and floor panels have been used for construction projects such as Samsung Factory (Thai Nguyen), Avia Winery, …and are highly appreciated by the investor.


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