The difference creates the attraction of AMACCAO booth at Vietbuild Exhibition 2022

The difference creates the attraction of AMACCAO booth at Vietbuild Exhibition 2022

(Dan Tri) – With 10 booths located in the center of the main building block, AMACCAO has attracted a large number of customers to visit and learn about the group’s products within the framework of the Vietbuild 2022 exhibition.


vietbuild 2022
AMACCAO booth at Vietbuild International Exhibition 2022

On the morning of March 23, the opening ceremony of the Vietbuild 2022 International Construction Exhibition took place with the theme “Construction – Building Materials – Real Estate & Interior and Exterior Decoration”. The event took place from March 23 to the end of March 27 at the National Architecture and Planning Exhibition Palace (No. 1 Do Duc Duc, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi).

With a scale of nearly 1,000 booths, this exhibition introduces many products of building materials and interior and exterior decoration with new models, features, and enhanced quality, which have been studied and researched by businesses. and invest in carefully.

vietbuild 2022
Leaders visit the AMACCAO booth.

Among many brands of the Vietnamese construction industry, AMACCAO’s product display area has become a stopover for many visitors to the exhibition thanks to its modern space, scale, aesthetics, and outstanding design. With 10 booths located at the center of the main block and a variety of products in terms of design and quality, AMACCAO’s booth made an impression.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Mui – Vice President of AMACCAO Group shared about the development orientation of the business.

Why did AMACCAO decide to become the main sponsor of Vietbuild?

– First of all, about the Vietbuild exhibition, which is one of the largest exhibition fairs in Vietnam today, Vietbuild is organized as a traditional festival of the field of construction, real estate, building materials, and equipment. interior decoration. This is a prestigious exhibition with the cooperation of many functional agencies, in addition, to support from professional broadcasters and the press. Objects participating in the exhibition are partners and customers who are really interested.

About AMACCAO Group, through a journey of more than 26 years of construction and development, AMACCAO is known as an industrial group – a construction group, an investment group with fast and sustainable development. Which, the field of building materials production is always a strategic and sustainable segment of the corporation.

Therefore, the fact that AMACCAO Group becomes the main sponsor of Vietbuild is a win-win cooperation, both helping more partners and customers know about AMACCAO, and also an opportunity for AMACCAO to be accompanied by the cooperation. sustainable development of the Vietbuild exhibition in particular and Vietnam’s construction industry in general.

Vietbuild 2022
Ms. Nguyen Thi Mui – Vice President of AMACCAO Group gave an interview.

What does AMACCAO bring to Vietbuild this time and what do you expect to gain after the exhibition?

– AMACCAO Group is a large ecosystem in the field of construction, including 16 factories, and 23 member units. In the framework of this Vietbuild exhibition, we only bring a part of the group’s products and brands, such as LED and VONTA Electrical Equipment, VONTA Lighting Poles; Plastic pipes and accessories for the plastic industry EUROPIPE; AMACCAO PIPE sewer; AMACCAO PILE pile; AMACCAO PC concrete structure; AMACCAO BRICKS Brick; Valves, faucets copper thread NOVO – VIET TIEP; NOVO DOOR fire doors; AVIA Drinks.

Regarding the goal, we bring our partners and customers interesting and really useful experiences when visiting, learning, and experiencing top-quality products with diverse designs and aesthetics. high; carefully consulted by staff and experts, directly at the booth.

For investors, construction contractors, distributors, or individual customers who want to find many products at the same time, synchronously for the project, for the distribution system, or for their own home, you can find them. found in the same booth as AMACCAO. At the same time, the exhibition contributes to bringing the AMACCAO brand closer to partners and customers.

Being honored in the group of companies with the most beautiful booths at this exhibition, how do you feel?

– First of all, we would like to thank the event organizers for creating the playground and voting AMACCAO as one of the most beautiful booths, visited by senior leaders. This is a huge honor for AMACCAO. This also shows a part of the group’s personality, personality, and enthusiasm, that our products, besides always focusing on top quality, and reasonable prices from the manufacturer, also always Invest in diversified, modern, and aesthetically pleasing product designs.

vietbuild 2022
AMACCAO booth is at the top of the most beautiful booth at the exhibition.

This exhibition is an opportunity for technology transfer, investment cooperation of domestic and foreign enterprises, development of new materials industry, and smart materials. How does AMACCAO identify this opportunity and assess the development of the new and smart materials market in Vietnam in the future?

– After a prolonged period of the epidemic, the situation has stabilized and the market has reopened. This is the period when the construction industry in general and the building materials industry in particular develop. To keep up with the trend, manufacturing enterprises must grasp and apply as well as seek opportunities to cooperate with leading technology enterprises, bringing the latest technology, new materials, and smart materials into the market. the construction industry in Vietnam.

This is what AMACCAO has oriented and always implemented throughout the years. We regularly cooperate with partners and apply and master leading technologies, new materials, and smart materials such as:

Firstly, is the only unit selected to produce prefabricated Segment tunnel panels for the Metro Hanoi metro project. The manufactured tunnel shell panels must meet extremely strict technical and artistic requirements with very high accuracy, and the allowable size tolerance is only ± 0.5mm, ensuring a long life span of hundreds of works. five.

Second, produce GRC sheet – the main material used for large-scale constructions in Dubai.

Third, produce concrete materials for airports: Van Don Airport, and Noi Bai Airport.

Keeping the spirit of always innovating, and improving to lead, AMACCAO hopes that through this Vietbuild exhibition, they can cooperate to share new technologies and smart materials that AMACCAO has, and at the same time learn, Search for new technologies and materials.

vietbuild 2022

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