VTV1 visited and worked at AMACCAO Ha Nam Factory

VTV1 visited and worked at AMACCAO Ha Nam Factory

“AMACCAO – Impressions on KEY TRAFFIC WORKS” will appear on VTV1

On the morning of May 25, AMACCAO Ha Nam Factory had a meeting with the crew of the VTV1 Entrepreneurial Program to record a new broadcast.

With a total investment value of trillions of VND, located in the AMACCAO ecosystem, the AMACCAO Ha Nam factory has been producing top-quality products that leave special marks on construction projects, and key traffic.

Therefore, AMACCAO has become the chosen name in the VTV1 Entrepreneurial Business program with the report “AMACCAO – Imprints on key traffic works”.

At the meeting, the representative of AMACCAO Ha Nam Factory’s Board of Directors shared about piles, culverts, and precast concrete structures,…. and explain why AMACCAO is always the top name chosen in important national projects and works.

Watch the news release for more details. We will update the broadcast schedule continuously.

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