What is centrifugal concrete pile? Their advantages and applications

What is centrifugal concrete pile? Their advantages and applications

What is a centrifugal concrete pile? Advantages and applications

Centrifugal Concrete piles are round piles manufactured on specialized modern lines. When manufacturing, the concrete will be poured by centrifugal rotation method, then steamed in a boiler at a temperature of 95 degrees Celsius. The reinforcement of the pile is made of pre-stressed cables.

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Centrifugal piles are usually manufactured with diameters: 250 to 800 depending on the type. Compared with other types of ordinary concrete piles such as bored piles, reinforced concrete piles,… Centrifugal piles have solid, solid, non-cracked concrete, withstand high loads, are waterproof, and are highly anti-corrosion. . Moreover, this type of pile is also simple to construct and meets the maximum technical requirements of the works.

Centrifugal pile production and advantages

The outstanding features of centrifugal concrete piles make them the number 1 choice for constructions:

  • Produced according to modern technology according to TVCN standards 7888:2014
  • High flexural resistance
  • Strength Piles are stiffer than other types of piles
  • The cost and price is much cheaper than other types of piles
  • Flexible pile length according to design
  • Concrete anti-corrosion
  • Produced according to the production line, the quality of the pile is guaranteed
  • Fast construction time during construction

Application of centrifugal concrete pile

Centrifugal piles are often used to make foundations for projects: high-rise buildings, power stations, overpasses, retaining walls, harbors, marine works,…

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AMACCAO is proud to be the number 1 centrifugal concrete pile manufacturer in the North. Each AMACCAO concrete pile gets:

  • Produced by modern and advanced production lines and technology from Germany;
  • To be directly supervised by experts from Europe and transfer technology;
  • Outstanding production ability with the high quality technical team, dedicated to the profession;
  • Long experience in the field of building materials production

Besides, not only producing centrifugal piles, but AMACCAO also has the ability to provide contractors and investors with a variety of other construction materials such as concrete culverts, PC, GRL panels, segmental shell panels. ,….

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