System of machinery - technology


1. Segment tunnel shell panel production line

Chau Au Nam Company is capable of manufacturing specialized concrete components such as segmental tunnel shell panels.

The production of tunnel lining segments requires strict adherence to both technical and aesthetic requirements, with a very high level of precision and dimensional tolerance of only ± 0.5mm. This ensures the longevity of the construction, with a lifespan lasting hundreds of years.

2. Prestressed centrifugal pile production line

Chau Au Nam Company owns the most advanced and largest-scale synchronized production line for centrifugal piles in the northern region of Vietnam. All equipment is directly imported from South Korea and the production technology is transferred by experts.

With a large inventory of equipment including 11 overhead cranes, 6 concrete spreading lines, 2 batching plants with a capacity of 120m3/h each, 7 centrifugal spinning gantries, 12 drying chambers, as well as a system of automatic steel cutting machines, welding machines, and automatic cage making machines, Chau Au Nam Company’s concrete plant is capable of actively managing the progress of large-scale projects.


  • Ability to produce piles with diameters ranging from D300 to D600, with a maximum pile length of 18m.
  • The production capacity of the plant reaches 5,000 meters of piles per day and night shift.


The machines are imported from HESS – SCHLOSSER PFEIFFER Group (Germany), a leading group in supplying production equipment for precast concrete pipes. Experts from Germany operate and transfer the technology.

These machines are fully automatic and utilize the most advanced high-frequency vibration and compression technology available today. They can produce various types of reinforced concrete pipes with diameters ranging from D300 to D1200, following the TCVN: 9113-2012 and TCVN: ASTM C75M-05B standards.

The aggregates, including coarse, medium, and fine particles, are uniformly mixed and tightly compressed, creating a solid and dense “artificial stone” block. The vibration and compression process has been carefully calculated by experts to ensure that the concrete components are not stratified or locally segregated.


  • High compressive strength of the concrete, eliminating the formation of torsional pressure within the pipes.
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion, high pressure, and uniformity of the concrete.
  • The average production capacity of the machine is 750 meters per day, producing superior quality pipes with a smooth surface, similar to centrifugal pipes.

4. CNC automatic cage welding machine

The CNC automatic cage welding machine is the most advanced steel cage welding machine for concrete pipes in the world. It allows for the welding of steel cages for pipes ranging from Þ300 to Þ2500. The length of the cage can vary from 0.5m to 4m or any length less than 4m, with a diameter of less than 2.5m.

The machine is programmed automatically using a PLC controller, which can adjust the number of vertical bars and the steel ring spacing to match the design, ensuring 100% accuracy.

Production time: The machine enables extremely fast production.

  • For a steel cage with a length of 4m and a diameter of Þ2500: 3 minutes.
  • For smaller pipe sizes, the production time is within the range of 1 to 2 minutes per cage.

The steel cages are uniformly of 100% quality, with strong and secure welds that will not cause any quality issues for the pipes.


  • Ensures absolute accuracy of cage dimensions.
  • Provides sturdy and deformation-free steel cages.
  • Improves the quality of the concrete pipes.
  • High productivity.

5. LADA concrete casting machine

The LADA concrete casting machine is imported from a joint venture between Italy and Thailand.

It is a vibrating and pressing machine with adjustable frequency or variable frequency drive.


  • LADA produces round concrete pipes with diameters ranging from 300 to 1500, as well as square pipes with sizes from 300 to 1500.
  • LADA also specializes in manufacturing various types of manholes, technical pits, and small channels with heights from 0.5m to 1.2m, such as the 300x500x1000x100HL channel.
  • The pipes are produced according to the TCVN: 9116-2012 standard.

6. Vacuum suction crane

It is a crane system integrated with a vacuum lifting system from the brand WonChang – South Korea. WonChang is a leading manufacturer of vacuum pumps worldwide, known for its high quality and widely used by thousands of businesses in over 100 countries.

Application: Specifically used for lifting and removing centrifugal piles from the mold, transporting them to the designated location or loading them onto trucks for quick delivery to construction sites. It increases productivity, saves labor, ensures aesthetic surface quality, and maximizes safety.


  • Increases production efficiency, product quality, reduces labor requirements, and ensures safety for workers.
  • The machine is designed with a simple and sturdy structure, providing high durability during operation and easy maintenance.
  • It operates quietly, without generating excessive noise, is environmentally friendly, and safe for operators.

7. Automatic steel straightening machine

Chau Au Nam Company’s automatic steel straightening machine utilizes frequency conversion -gearbox technology for steel production on an automatic rebar straightening machine, ensuring the production of finished steel with stable mechanical and physical properties that meet the quality and technical requirements of precast concrete component manufacturing.


  • Fast and accurate steel straightening for diameters ranging from D3.0 to D5.0.
  • The machine can straighten and twist up to 5 single strands simultaneously, operating fully automatically. This saves time, increases productivity, reduces labor costs, lowers the production cost of products, and allows for better control of raw material supply.
  • The finished steel has stable mechanical and physical properties, ensuring quality and meeting the technical requirements.

8. Automatic steel cutting straightening machine

The automatic steel straightening and cutting machine is designed to straighten and accurately cut steel into specific lengths for use as reinforcement bars during the production process.


  • It can straighten and cut steel with precision down to single millimeter units, ensuring high accuracy in length.
  • The machine has a production capacity of 20 tons per day, ensuring efficient straightening and cutting operations.

9. Centrifugal pile tensioning machine

The machine operates fully automatically using a hydraulic system, allowing for the setting of tension force, movement distance, up and down travel, etc., to be suitable for each type of product.


  • Simple and clear control and display of tension force on an LCD screen.
  • Capable of tensioning centrifugal piles with diameters ranging from D300 to D600.

10. Concrete batching plant

Chau Au Nam Company’s concrete batching plant is a fully automated concrete mixing plant equipped with the latest and synchronized equipment, controlled by pre-programmed settings.


  • Quantity: 03 batching plants.
  • Capacity: 120 m3/h per plant. Total capacity of 360 m3/h.
  • The concrete batching plant operates in a forced-cyclic-automatic mode.
  • Compact and lightweight structure, stable operation, with mobility and an indirect asphalt heating system.
  • The plant is equipped with a wet-type dust filtration system, ensuring a conducive environment for its operation.

With its current capacity, Chau Au Nam Company’s concrete batching plant is confident in meeting all quality and schedule requirements for investors and contractors in both large and small construction projects.

11. Automatic Steel Cage Welding Machine

The system operates automatically and incorporates Inverter technology combined with PLC through specialized software. This integration aims to achieve high economic efficiency and maximize labor savings during the production process.

1. Elevator core manufacturing technology

Thanks to our experience in leading the production of integrated assembly accessories on-site (the 21st-century solution in the global construction industry, aiming to manufacture at factories and transport to construction sites), AMACCAO is currently producing and supplying the entire core of elevators and staircases for the Semiconductor Chip Manufacturing Plant in the United States (with Amkor as the investor and ETEC as the contractor).

Regarding the elevator core, it has been installed up to the third floor, reaching a height of 27 meters, with an average elevator shaft size of 3m x 8m. With this method, the progress of the elevator core has been much faster compared to the traditional form of construction using self-climbing formwork, surpassing the initial calculations of both the investor and the general contractor. Specifically, the assembly process takes 2 days per floor per elevator shaft, while the traditional method takes 7 days per floor per elevator shaft.

Additionally, the entire staircase is constructed using precast components instead of in-situ pouring, which speeds up the construction process and reduces finishing costs since there is no need for plastering or stone cladding. Instead, the natural concrete surface is used, which is beautiful, reliable, and cost-effective.

With these results, AMACCAO plans to continue developing and applying this approach to all projects involving elevator cores, staircases, or large-sized technical boxes. The goal is to expand the production of items such as cement kilns, smokestacks, and furnaces for thermal power plants, coal-fired power plants, waste-to-energy plants, and more.

2. Technology for manufacturing components for Seraphin waste - to - power plant

At the Seraphin Waste-to-Energy Plant project, AMACCAO PC is responsible for producing and supplying all the precast concrete components used in the project, including columns, main structures, enclosing walls, beams, roof slabs, and stair cores. Due to the specific nature of these components, traditional construction methods would be difficult and hazardous.

Additionally, the project requires a high construction speed. Therefore, manufacturing and assembling the precast components from the factory and transporting them to the construction site ensures both high-quality standards and fast construction progress, thanks to batch production and simplified installation compared to traditional construction methods.

AMACCAO’s precast concrete components have a high compressive strength, with a MAC rating ranging from C35-45, equivalent to MAC 450-550 (while on-site construction usually achieves only around MAC 300). As a result, these structural components exhibit excellent structural integrity, high load-bearing capacity, and aesthetically pleasing concrete surfaces without any visible aggregates or air voids. In fact, some wind power brands or investors now require a MAC rating of 800, and AMACCAO is currently conducting research to meet this demand and implement it accordingly.