About AMACCAO Segment tunnel shell

As one of the early Vietnamese enterprises investing in the field of structural concrete, AMACCAO PC has accumulated a lot of experience when becoming a familiar supplier for many large projects of domestic and foreign investors. Currently, the enterprise implements technical improvement solutions for this material in many factory construction projects. Thanks to the research and experience of cooperation with large partners, AMACCAO has had many breakthrough solutions for concrete for high-rise buildings and specific factories to improve quality, speed up progress, and reduce costs.

Currently, AMACCAO PC is a pioneer in Vietnam capable of manufacturing specific concrete structural products, such as segmented tunnel panels with international standards, becoming a supplier for many foreign projects. , compete with global brands, meet the specific concrete components of key projects.

In August 2020, AMACCAO was selected by the Hyundai – Ghella consortium as the sole partner to manufacture and supply prefabricated Segment shell concrete slabs for the Metro Hanoi metro project. The manufactured tunnel shell panels must meet extremely strict technical and artistic requirements with very high accuracy, the allowable size tolerance is only ± 0.5mm, ensuring a long life span of hundreds of works. year. The production and acceptance of tunnel shell panels are applied according to European and international standards.

  • Application: Application for specific works that require extremely strict technical and artistic requirements with very high accuracy.
  • Standard: DAUB (Recommendations for Design, Manufacture and Installation of Tunnel Shell Rings); BTS (Standard for ring drilling)…
Image of AMACCAO Segment tunnel shell
Image of AMACCAO Segment tunnel shell

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