AMACCAO Concrete Pile Factory (AMACCAO PILE) is a 100% automatic factory and the first company in Vietnam to export concrete pile products to foreign countries. The difference of the Factory is the closed production process, from beginning to end, using automation lines. Currently, every year AMACCAO exports over 10 millions USD of pile products to the international market.

With a very large equipment system including 11 cranes, 6 concrete spreading lines, 2 mixing stations 120m3/hx2 = 240m3/h, 7 centrifugal rigs, 12 drying tunnels with steel cutting machine system, cage welding head canopy Automatic and semi-automatic, AMACCAO PILE is always proactive in production, ensuring progress for large and small projects nationwide.

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nhà máy amaccao


AMACCAO PILE is currently operating in the field of production, sales, and construction of piles and concrete structures with many types.


Producing centrifugal round pile products, prestressed reinforced square piles, sheet piles, bored piles, and concrete structures of all kinds. In particular, AMACCAO PILE receives production orders according to the individual requirements of each customer.


Currently, we are supplying to the market the products of centrifugal round piles, prestressed reinforced square piles, sheet piles, bored piles, concrete structures of all kinds and meet the special requirements of customers. each project.


In addition to manufacturing and trading in concrete piles and concrete structures of all kinds, AMACCAO PILE also accepts the construction of piles for high-rise, low-rise buildings, factory buildings, etc. to ensure the highest progress and quality.

System of machinery - technology


1. PFEIFFER machine

The machine is imported from HESS Group – SCHLOSSER PFEIFFER (Germany) – a leading corporation in the country in the field of supplying equipment lines for the production of precast concrete pipes, by experts from Germany who operates and transfers technology.

This is a fully automatic culvert production machine, using the most modern high-frequency vibration and pressing technology today, producing all kinds of flared culverts with diameter D300-D1200 according to TCVN: 9113-2012 standard; TCVN:ASTM C75M-05B.

The aggregates of large, medium and small particles are well mixed and tightly pressed, as solid as an artificial “stone block”. The process of vibrating and pressing has been calculated by experts, not causing stratification or local buckling of the granular components in the concrete.


  • The compressive strength of concrete is high, without creating torsional pressure in the pipe.
  • Good wear resistance, high-pressure resistance, and uniformity of concrete.
  • The average capacity of the machine is 750 meters long/day with outstanding quality and a smooth surface like a centrifugal drain.

2. CNC automatic cage welding machine

CNC automatic cage welding machine is the most modern manhole cage welding machine in the world today, allowing welding of all kinds of steel cages and pipes from Þ300 – Þ2500. With variable length can be from 0.5m – 4m or any length < 4m, any diameter < 2.5m.

The machine is programmed automatically on the PLC controller, which can increase and decrease the number of longitudinal bars, and increase and decrease the steel ring step to suit the design, ensuring 100% accuracy.

Production time: The machine allows extremely fast production:

  • With 01 steel cage sized for a 4m long sewer pipe Þ2500: 03 minutes;
  • With small sewer pipes only in the range of 1-2 minutes/ 1 sewer cage.

The steel cages are 100% uniform in quality, and the welds are sure not to burst, affecting the quality of the culvert.


  • Ensure absolute accuracy of steel cage dimensions;
  • Solid steel cage without deformation;
  • Increase the quality of drain products;
  • High productivity.

3. LADA culvert casting machine

– Imported from Italy – Thailand joint venture.

– It is a drain molding machine that has both vibration and frequency compression or inverter Lada.


  • LADA manufactures yin and yang round culverts from 300 to 1500 and square culverts from 300 to 1500.
  • Lada has an additional advantage in that it specializes in manufacturing all kinds of manholes, technical trenches, and small trenches under 750 with a height of 0.5m to 1.2m such as trench 300x500x1000x100HL, etc.
  • The culvert is manufactured according to TCVN: 9116-2012 standard.

4. Vacuum suction crane

Is a crane system integrated with a vacuum suction kit originating from WonChang brand – Korea. WonChang is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality vacuum pumps, widely used by thousands of businesses in more than 100 countries around the world.

Application: Specialized in dismantling centrifugal piles from molds and transporting centrifugal piles to the place of placing finished products or transporting them on trucks to construction sites quickly, with high productivity, and saving manpower. , ensuring the aesthetics of the product surface and ensuring maximum safety.


  • Help increase production productivity, and product quality, reduce labor resources, and ensure safety for people.
  • The machine is designed with a simple design, solid structure, high durability during use, and easy maintenance.
  • The product operates smoothly, does not make noise, and isenvironmentally friendly, and safe for the operator.

5. Automatic steel stripping machine

The automatic steel stripping machine of AMACCAO Joint Stock Company uses inverter technology – a steel production gearbox on an automatic steel drawing machine to help create finished steel with stable mechanical properties, quality assurance, and technical requirements for the technique of manufacturing ready-made concrete structural products.


  • Fast, precise stripping of steel with diameters from D3.0 – D5.0;
  • The machine can strip and twist at the same time 5 single ropes with fully automatic operation, saving time, increasing productivity, reducing labor costs, reducing product costs, and taking initiative in the source of raw materials for production.
  • Finished steel has stable mechanical and mechanical properties, ensuring quality and technical requirements.
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6. Automatic Belt Bending Cutting Machine


  • It is a machine that automatically straightens, bends, and cuts belts with superior technology to create steel belts of different sizes and shapes.
  • Fast bending cutting speed, accurate in both size and quantity.
  • Solve all three stages of straightening, cutting, and breaking the belt.
  • Smooth operation, low noise, and rapid belt bending, which increases work productivity, and saves time and costs.

Technical parameters:

  • Capacity: over 3000 products/shift, 25m/min fast straightening iron.
  • Bending capacity: Ф6 – Ф25.
  • Engine power: 2.2 kW.
  • Use voltage: 380V.
  • Motor speed: 1440 r/min.
  • Weight: 150 kg.
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7. Automatic steel cutting straightener

It is an automatic steel straightening and cutting machine that allows straightening steel and precise length cutting of each piece of steel for use as reinforcement in the production process.

Advantages: Can stretch and cut accurately to mm units, and ensure the capacity of stretching and cutting 20 tons/day.

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8. Centrifugal pile prestressing machine

The machine operates fully automatically by hydraulic system, allowing to set tension, travel stroke, up and down stroke, … suitable for each type of product.


  • Simple and clear LCD display and control of tension.
  • Centrifugal pile tensioner with diameter from D300-D600.

9. Concrete batching plant

AMACCAO concrete batching plant is a fully automated concrete mixer, fully equipped and synchronous with the latest equipment and pre-programmed control.


  • Quantity: 03 mixing stations.
  • Capacity: 120 m3/h/station. Total capacity 360 m3/h.
  • A concrete batching plant is a forced – cycle – automatic batching plant;
  • Compact structure, stable working, mobility, indirect plastic cooking system;
  • Arrange a wet filter dust filter system to ensure the environment for the station to operate.

With existing capacity, the AMACCAO concrete batching plant is confident to meet all quality and schedule requirements for investors and contractors in large and small projects.

10. Automatic tubular steel cage welding machine

The machine system works automatically, applying Inverter technology in combination with PLC through specialized software, in order to bring about high economic efficiency and maximize labor savings in the production process.

11. Automatic Steel Cutting Machine

The machine system operates fully automatically, applying hydraulic and pneumatic technology through PLC control.

Automatic control through specialized software, allowing to set the quantity and length of steel cutting on the LCD screen.

The permissible error is ±1mm/10,000mm.

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12. Automatic steel head stamping machine

Is a special machine system for stamping PC Bar and PC Wire steel oils in the production of prestressed concrete components.

PC Bar, PC Wire steel, after cutting according to specifications, is put into the heat press to create a tumor on both ends of the steel before being attached to the tension flange to create pre-stress in the prestressed concrete production process.

The machine works on the principle of using heat to heat the part, then using hydraulic thrust.

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1. Elevator core manufacturing technology

Thanks to its leadership in the on-site assembly of assembled fittings (the 21st-century solution in the worldwide construction industry is factory-drive-to-site), AMACCAO is manufacturing and providing the entire core of elevators and stairs for the US semiconductor chip factory (the investor is Amkor, ETEC contractor).

With the elevator core, now installed on the 3rd floor, the height is 27m, and the average size of the ladder is 3mx8m. With this approach, the progress of the elevator core has been achieved much faster than the traditional self-climbing formwork, the efficiency far exceeds the initial calculation of both the investor and the general contractor. Specifically: Assembly: 2 days/floor/ 1 ladder box; Traditional: 7 days/floor/ladder.

In addition, the entire ladder also uses prefabricated components instead of pouring in place, which helps to speed up the progress and reduce the cost of finishing because there is no need to grind or stone tiles but use beautiful natural concrete surfaces. , guarantee, save.

With this result, AMACCAO is expected to continue to develop to apply to all projects of elevator cores, stair cores, or large technical boxes, towards the production of cement kilns or chimneys. and furnaces for thermal power plants, coal power plants, garbage power…

2. Công nghệ sản xuất cấu kiện cho nhà máy điện rác Seraphin

Tại dự án Nhà máy điện rác Seraphin: Toàn bộ hệ thống cột, kết cấu chính, tường bao che, dầm, seno mái, tấm parapet, lõi thang bộ đều được sử dụng cấu kiện bê tông lắp ghép do AMACCAO PC sản xuất. Bởi những cấu kiện này đặc thù, thi công theo phương pháp truyền thống khó khăn, nguy hiểm.

Đặc biệt, dự án đòi hỏi tiến độ cao nên việc sản xuất lắp ghép từ nhà máy vận chuyển đến công trường vừa đảm bảo chất lượng tốt, vừa đảm bảo tiến độ thi công nhanh nhờ thi công hàng loạt và đơn giản hơn thi công truyền thống.

Cấu kiện bê tông AMACCAO đều có MAC cao từ C35-45 tương đương MAC 450-550 (trong khi thi công tại hiện trường thường chỉ đạt khoảng MAC 300) nên cấu kiện kết cấu tốt, cường độ chịu lực cao, bề mặt bê tông đẹp, không bị rỗ hạt hay lỗ khí. Thậm chí hiện tại một số thương hiệu hay chủ đầu tư làm điện gió đã đặt vấn đề yêu cầu đến MAC 800 và AMACCAO đang nghiên cứu để triển khai.


AMACCAO PILE’s products are of outstanding quality, certified according to the following standards: JIS A 5335:1987; JIS A 5373:2010; JIS A 5373:2016; CNS 2602:2017; ISO 9001:2015; TCVN 9114:2019; TCVN 7888:2014; TCVN 12604-1:2019; TCVN 12604-2:2019…

As a result, AMACCAO PILE meets the strictest requirements of domestic and foreign partners – customers.

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The story of the aspiration to become a leading prestigious economic group in Vietnam was written up from the name AMACCAO. With pioneering aspirations and investment strategy and sustainable development, AMACCAO strives to become a leading economic group in Vietnam, with prestige and position on the economic map of the region and the world.

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