AMACCAO Concrete Pile Factory (AMACCAO PILE) is a 100% automatic factory and the first company in Vietnam to export concrete pile products to foreign countries. The difference of the Factory is the closed production process, from beginning to end, using automation lines. Currently, every year AMACCAO exports over 10 millions USD of pile products to the international market.

With a very large equipment system including 11 cranes, 6 concrete spreading lines, 2 mixing stations 120m3/hx2 = 240m3/h, 7 centrifugal rigs, 12 drying tunnels with steel cutting machine system, cage welding head canopy Automatic and semi-automatic, AMACCAO PILE is always proactive in production, ensuring progress for large and small projects nationwide.

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nhà máy amaccao


AMACCAO PILE is currently operating in the field of production, sales, and construction of piles and concrete structures with many types.


Producing centrifugal round pile products, prestressed reinforced square piles, sheet piles, bored piles, and concrete structures of all kinds. In particular, AMACCAO PILE receives production orders according to the individual requirements of each customer.


Currently, we are supplying to the market the products of centrifugal round piles, prestressed reinforced square piles, sheet piles, bored piles, concrete structures of all kinds and meet the special requirements of customers. each project.


In addition to manufacturing and trading in concrete piles and concrete structures of all kinds, AMACCAO PILE also accepts the construction of piles for high-rise, low-rise buildings, factory buildings, etc. to ensure the highest progress and quality.



The story of the aspiration to become a leading prestigious economic group in Vietnam was written up from the name AMACCAO. With pioneering aspirations and investment strategy and sustainable development, AMACCAO strives to become a leading economic group in Vietnam, with prestige and position on the economic map of the region and the world.

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