AMACCAO Joint Stock Company – belonging to AMACCAO Group with more than 2 decades of construction and development in the fields of manufacturing construction materials; Producing consumer goods; Construction; Real Estate Investment; Environmental investment & energy; Educations.

Especially in the field of construction materials production, AMACCAO in general and AMACCAO Joint Stock Company in particular quickly became one of the leading units in the production of precast concrete products, prefabricated concrete, prestressed concrete such as culverts, piles, concrete structures; beams, floors, columns, prestressed square piles, centrifugal round piles; concrete bricks, especially GRC fiberglass reinforced concrete used for 5-star quality projects. In particular, the products of centrifugal round pile, prestressed square pile, prestressed pile sheet pile of the brand AMACCAO Pile are always the first choice of customers, investors and general contractors nationwide.