Prestressed concrete piles

Application for civil, commercial, industrial, factory buildings. Standard: TCVN 7888: 2014; TCVN 9114: 2019; JISA 5373: 2016. Includes types: Centrifugal pile (PHC); Prestressed square piles; SW Prestressed sheet piles; Prestressed H-pillars...
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AMACCAO prestressed concrete piles

Before successfully exporting to the international market, AMACCAO provided many products for leading economic groups in Vietnam and general construction contractors such as Vingroup, Sungroup, Viettel, Thanh Cong, and UDIC…

Since then, contributed to the creation of key and iconic projects such as Van Don International Airport, Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant, Hai Duong Thermal Power Plant…; industrial parks, urban areas, trade centers such as Vinfast car factory, Hyundai Thanh Cong car factory, Van Don urban area…; energy – environment projects such as Gia Lai wind power, solar power… and also projects that must meet strict quality requirements due to their direct impact on safety and social security such as embankments Ha Long seashore, Sam Son FLC urban area embankment, Quang Binh embankment, Nghi Son international port…

  • Application: Application for civil, commercial, industrial, and factory buildings.
  • Standard: TCVN 7888 : 2014; TCVN 9114 : 2019; JISA 5373: 2016.
  • Products: Includes Centrifugal Piles (PHC); prestressed square pile; sheet pile SW DƯL; sheet pile H…

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    Centrifugal concrete piles (PHC)

    AMACCAO centrifugal pile (PHC) Centrifugal round piles are manufactured at AMACCAO PILE Export Concrete Pile Factory located in   Kien Khe Town, Thanh Liem, Ha Nam. The factories, production workshops, and production lines are synchronously invested, with modern machinery and equipment, imported from abroad with leading production technology. 1. High-quality products The production stages are…

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    Prestressed square piles

    Prestressed square piles AMACCAO pre-stressed square piles (pre-stressed reinforced concrete piles) are manufactured according to the world’s leading and advanced industrial production lines. AMACCAO brand reinforced concrete square (RC) pile is a traditional product of the Group and one of the leading products in the Northern market. AMACCAO pre-stressed reinforced concrete square piles are a…

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    Prestressed sheet piles

    SW Prestressed sheet piles AMACCAO SW pre-stressed sheet pile has many outstanding features such as: high bearing strength thanks to waveform cross-section and prestressing properties that increase the stiffness, bearing capacity of the board, and reduce the weight of the building. , easy to replace new piles when old piles have problems, manufactured according to…

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    Prestressed H-pillars

    Prestressed H-pillars Application: Application for basement diaphragm wall construction… Standard: TCVN 9114 : 2019 ; JIS A 5373 : 2016. Prestressed H-pillars products at AMACCAO Concrete Factory Contact and request a quote To receive the most suitable and professional advice for your project, contact AMACCAO right away by calling Hotline: 097 495 3785.

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