SW Prestressed sheet piles

AMACCAO SW pre-stressed sheet pile has many outstanding features such as: high bearing strength thanks to waveform cross-section and prestressing properties that increase the stiffness, bearing capacity of the board, and reduce the weight of the building. , easy to replace new piles when old piles have problems, manufactured according to advanced technological processes, so the quality is strictly controlled, high productivity, diverse types, low prices, especially easy construction , precisely without the need for a large space, minimizing the work of conduit construction… etc.

Therefore, the application of prestressed sheet pile technology is increasingly widely applied to construction projects in Vietnam.

1. High quality products

The production stages are 100% controlled by a team of engineers, foreign experts, experienced employees, manufactured according to ISO 9001. With extremely strict requirements, AMACCAO’s team of experts always say “no” to any factors that make the product quality not guaranteed. All raw materials are 100% controlled through the LAS 1329 laboratory (licensed by BXD), reaching new quality into production. The production stages are also strictly controlled at all stages, from cleaning formwork, preparing steel cages, concrete work, tensioning, drying, dismantling and finishing products, storage and warehousing.

  • Application: Prestressed sheet piles in construction have permanent applications, frequently used applications. Where the walls are located, sheet piles are driven and retained in the ground.
  • Standard: JIS A 5373: 2016.
  • Concrete strength: Design: PC/PHC 60Mpa/ 80Mpa (according to cylinder model 15x30cm).

2. Specifications

3. Typical drawings

4. AMACCAO’s commitment

We are committed to bringing high quality products, total and different solutions to help customers and partners improve project quality, speed up construction progress, optimize and save costs effectively.

With AMACCAO, “It’s not just Diligence or Technology, it’s the Solution”..

5. Why you should choose AMACCAO

– The first reason: AMACCAO always aims to provide leading modern technology solutions to create products:

  • Bearing high quality, reaching international standards;
  • Ensure the structure, safety for the work;
  • Ensuring the landscape, architecture;
  • Helps to shorten construction time;
  • Bring high economic efficiency.

– The second reason: With outstanding production capacity, AMACCAO is ready to supply a variety of components with a large number of components for investors, general contractors for construction of civil, industrial, irrigation and seaport works. domestic and international.

– The third reason: AMACCAO currently holds the No. 1 position in Vietnam in terms of both product quality and professional and fast shipping and construction services.

– The fourth reason: AMACCAO continuously won awards for brand reputation, becoming a familiar partner of leading contractors and real estate investors in Vietnam and foreign companies such as Coteccons, Vingroup, etc. Sungroup, CDC Hanoi, Samsung Engineering, Hyundai E&C, Ghella, Tokyu, Shimizu Corporation…

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