AMACCAO Ha Nam Concrete Factory Cluster (belonging to AMACCAO Group) is a complex of large production plants such as Factory producing concrete piles for export (AMACCAO Pile); Factory manufacturing precast concrete components (AMACCAO Pc). With modern European production technology and production lines and machinery imported directly from abroad, AMACCAO currently holds the No. 1 position in Vietnam in terms of both the quality of concrete piles, concrete structures, and Professional and fast construction services.


Ha Nam Concrete Pile Export Factory is a 100% automated production factory and is the first unit in Vietnam to export concrete pile products to foreign countries. The difference of the factory is that the production process is closed, from beginning to end, using automatic conveyors. Every year, AMACCAO exports several tens of millions of USD of pile products to the international market.

Piles export shipment to Taiwan

With a huge amount of equipment including 11 cranes, 6 concrete spreading lines, 2 mixing plants 120m3/hx2 = 240m3/h, 7 centrifugal rigs, 12 drying tunnels, and a steel cutting machine system, self-contained welding head canopy. Automatic and semi-automatic, AMACCAO Pile is always proactive in the progress of large projects.

Concrete pile factory AMACCAO Pile

10-ton crane girder at Ha Nam pile factory

AMACCAO Pile’s line produces piles with a diameter of D300 – D600 with a pile length of 18m. With more than 100 employees in continuous production in 2 extended shifts, the current production capacity is 5,000md/1 day and night and AMACCAO Pile is currently the leading factory in Vietnam.

Centrifugal concrete pile

Advantages of AMACCAO Pile:

1. Firstly, about product quality:

According to a closed line in the factory, modern equipment on the production stages is strictly controlled, and the quality of piles is stable.

– 100% of input materials: Sand, stone, cement, steel….tested at LAS 1329 room (licensed by BXD), quality assurance is allowed to be put into production.

– The product surface is beautiful due to production on mold steel with small tolerances.

– Hot steam curing for high-quality products, the rapid development of concrete strength, increased mold rotation.

2. Second, in terms of economic value:

– The factory has the capacity of mass production with large volumes to increase productivity, reduce management costs, thereby reducing production costs.

– Ability to shorten construction time, meet the schedule suitable for large-scale projects.

Material cost savings:

+ Modern centrifugal technology helps to reduce the volume of concrete used compared to the production of concrete structural products that often have the same cross-section.

+ Reduce the volume of steel 70% – 80% compared to normal concrete structures because the bearing steel uses high strength steel (with Fy = 14,000 -:- 16,000 kg/cm2), the belt steel uses cold drawn steel (Gender) tensile strength 550 – 650 N/mm2).

+ Change the length of piles arbitrarily according to the standards or the requirements of the project.

+ Convenient pile transportation, no environmental pollution.

+ Minimize concrete work at the site.


High-class concrete structure factory for foreign projects (AMACCAO PC) is the only unit in Vietnam capable of manufacturing-specific concrete structural products such as segmented tunnel panels, concrete GRC fiberglass reinforced concrete 10m wide, 2m high meets international standards. The products of the factory have been used to assemble for large projects such as Samsung Bac Ninh, AZ Thang Long, the tallest building in Vietnam Vietinbank Tower…

Currently, AMACCAO Pc has 5 factories and arranged more than 30 Belgian technology lines, each length of 105m to 115m. The factory’s lines are suitable for the production of slab beams, I-beams of all kinds, industrial building columns, factory columns, normal square piles, prestressed square piles, sheet piles of all kinds SW300 -:- SW940, solid floor slabs, foam floor, tunnel shell…

GRC fiberglass reinforced concrete slab

The products of precast concrete structures – AMACCAO PC have outstanding features such as:

1. High quality: The production stages are 100% controlled by a team of foreign engineers, experienced employees, and manufactured according to ISO 9001. And all raw materials are controlled 100. % passed laboratory LAS 1329 (licensed by BXD), new quality put into production.

2. Landscape and architecture assurance:

– Prestressed concrete balustrades have the ability to exceed large spans.

– Reduce cross-sectional height, increase clearance height.

3. Structural guarantee:

– Very good bearing capacity.

– Control the quality of components manufactured in the factory.

– Limit the size errors compared to machining at the construction site.

4. Shorten construction time:

– Reduce the work of processing formwork, support trees.

– Significantly shorten construction time due to pre-fabricated components.

– Limiting waste on the construction site, protecting the environment.

– Limiting the number of workers to be mobilized on the construction site.

– Simultaneous construction, weather control during construction.

– Easy to control the quality due to construction in the factory.

5. High economic efficiency:

– Reduced cost of input materials.

– Simultaneous construction, shortening the schedule leading to reduced management costs and quick capital recovery.

– Reduce labor costs in the field.