AMACCAO Ha Nam Concrete Factory Cluster (belonging to AMACCAO Group) is a complex of large production plants such as a Factory manufacturing precast concrete components (AMACCAO PC) and; Factory producing concrete piles for export (AMACCAO PILE).

Loyal to the mission of providing products and services of different quality, high economic efficiency, friendly to the environment, and contributing good values to building a prosperous society, AMACCAO is always towards providing leading modern technology solutions to create products of international standards, satisfying all customers.

Currently, AMACCAO PC and AMACCAO PILE have 5 factories, arrange more than 40 production lines for prestressed reinforced concrete structures with Belgian technology, each line length from 105m to 115m, specialized in production and ready to supply diversified with a large number of components for investors, general contractors for civil, industrial, irrigation, seaports domestically and internationally.

Specific concrete structural products such as Segment cellar panels (supplied for the Hanoi Metro project), and GRC fiberglass reinforced concrete slabs (supplied for the 68-story Vietinbank Tower project with dimensions of 68 floors). the highest level in Hanoi)… meet international standards, compete with global brands, and meet the special requirements of key projects. Along with that, AMACCAO’s concrete pile products have successfully conquered the international market with export orders of up to tens of millions of USD.

AMACCAO currently holds the No. 1 position in Vietnam in terms of both product quality and professional and fast delivery and construction services.


Precast Concrete Components Factory (AMACCAO PC) is the only unit in Vietnam capable of producing specific concrete structural products such as segment tunnel panels (supplied for metro projects, Metro Hanoi), GRC fiberglass reinforced concrete panels 10m wide, 2m high (supplied for the 68-floor Vietinbank Tower project with the highest height in Hanoi) meet international standards, competing with brands globally, meeting the special requirements of key projects.

Segment tunnel panels provided for the Metro Hanoi project

AMACCAO fiberglass reinforced concrete (GRC)

Some typical precast concrete products of AMACCAO:

1. Types of columns, beams, floors, wall panels, stairs, embankments panels… precast concrete;

2. Prestressed concrete piles: centrifugal concrete piles (PHC), prestressed square piles, prestressed sheet piles, and prestressed H-pillars…;

3. Prestressed concrete beam and truss: concrete bridge beams, I-Shape beams, super T beams, roof Trusses…;

4. Infrastructure – Transport Components: concrete trench, technical moat, manhole, square Manhole, box culvert, round culvert…;

5. Special concrete components: Segment tunnel shell panels (Segment), fiberglass reinforced concrete (GRC), decorative concrete panels, and other types of components as required…

AMACCAO PC’s precast concrete components products

Outstanding advantages:

AMACCAO’s PC products are chosen by major partners such as Samsung, Hyundai – Ghella, Lotte… because of the outstanding advantages as follows:

One is a high-quality product

The production stages are 100% controlled by a team of engineers, foreign experts, and experienced employees, manufactured according to ISO 9001. With extremely strict requirements, AMACCAO’s team of experts always says “no” to any factors that make the product quality not guaranteed.

All raw materials are 100% controlled through the LAS 1329 laboratory (licensed by BXD), reaching new quality into production. The production stages are also strictly controlled at all stages, from cleaning formwork, preparing steel cages, concrete work, tensioning, drying, dismantling and finishing products, storage, and warehousing. , transport…

The second is to ensure the structure and safety of the project

Good bearing capacity of AMACCAO PC products. Component quality is controlled by manufacturing in the factory, limiting dimensional errors compared to machining at the construction site. The product overcomes the problem of building longevity, fire prevention, and environmental friendliness.

Third is a product that guarantees landscape and architecture

AMACCAO’s prestressed concrete members have the ability to exceed large spans, helping to reduce the cross-sectional height and increase the clearance height. If before, referring to concrete blocks in construction was very rough, now with AMACCAO PC, talking about concrete in addition to ensuring bearing strength, it also meets high aesthetics, rich in style and body. friendly to people and the environment.

Fourth, it helps to shorten the construction time

AMACCAO PC products help to reduce the work of processing formwork and support trees. Components are prefabricated and can be constructed simultaneously, greatly shortening construction time and controlling weather during construction.

Meanwhile, AMACCAO PC is a unit in Vietnam capable of manufacturing specific concrete structural products such as segment tunnel panels, and GRC fiberglass reinforced concrete meeting international standards, becoming a supplier for many foreign projects, competing with global brands, meeting the specific concrete components of key projects.

Five is to bring high economic efficiency

AMACCAO PC’s products are competitively priced thanks to the reduction in input material costs, and cost optimization thanks to the large scale of the factory; reduce labor costs on site, and reduce quality control costs (because quality control at the factory is much better than quality control on site). This helps to shorten the construction schedule, leading to reduced management costs and quick capital recovery for investors.


As one of the number 1 concrete pile manufacturers in Vietnam, owning a 100% automated production line with leading modern technology in the world, AMACCAO PILE is not only recognized in the domestic market but also in the domestic market. also successfully conquered the international market with many export orders worth tens of millions of USD per year.

Piles export shipment to Taiwan

Currently, many foreign enterprises want to buy AMACCAO components to export to markets that are very difficult and highly competitive. That further affirms the quality and helps raise the level of construction material production of Vietnamese enterprises.

AMACCAO PILE’s line produces piles with diameters from D200 – D600 with pile lengths up to 24m.

Advantages of AMACCAO Pile:

1. Firstly, about product quality:

– Production according to a closed line in the factory, modern equipment to strictly control production stages, and stable quality of piles.

– 100% of input materials: Sand, stone, cement, steel….tested at LAS 1329 room (licensed by BXD), quality assurance is allowed to be put into production.

– The product surface is beautiful due to production on mold steel with small tolerances.

– Hot steam curing for high-quality products, the rapid development of concrete strength, and increased mold rotation.

Concrete pile factory AMACCAO Pile

2. Second, in terms of economic value:

– The factory has the capacity of mass production with large volumes to increase productivity, and reduce management costs, thereby reducing production costs.

– Ability to shorten construction time, and meet the schedule suitable for large-scale projects.

Crane girder 20 tons at Ha Nam pile factory

– Material cost savings:

+ Modern centrifugal technology helps to reduce the volume of concrete used compared to the production of concrete structural products that often have the same cross-section.

+ Reduce the volume of steel by 70% – 80% compared to normal concrete structures because the bearing steel uses high strength steel (with Fy = 14,000 -:- 16,000 kg/cm2), the belt steel uses cold drawn steel (Gender) tensile strength 550 – 650 N/mm2).

+ Change the length of piles arbitrarily according to the standards or the requirements of the project.

+ Convenient pile transportation, no environmental pollution.

+ Minimize concrete work at the site.

AMACCAO prestressed concrete piles

Referring to AMACCAO, people refer to an enterprise with silent and unremitting efforts in pioneering orientation, creativity, and dedication.

AMACCAO continuously won awards for brand reputation, becoming a familiar partner of leading contractors, real estate investors in Vietnam, and foreign companies such as Coteccons, Vingroup, Sungroup, CDC Hanoi, Samsung Engineering, Hyundai E&C, Ghella, Tokyu, Shimizu Corporation… This unit is present in big projects such as Vinhomes Ocean Park Gia Lam, Vinhomes City Tay Mo, Ha Long sea road, Hue sea embankment, and Ninh Thuan solar power. , Gia Lai wind power, Samsung Thai Nguyen Plant, Samsung Bac Ninh Plant…

AMACCAO’s name in nearly 3 decades of development attests to the fact that the company’s products always ensure quality and technical standards. Coming to AMACCAO, customers will always find solutions to overcome old technologies, reduce costs, and reduce construction time… because our orientation is not only to develop the company but also to contribute to improving quality. Vietnam’s construction industry, in order to be ready to carry out a series of complex technological works, to meet the needs of the construction industry in the period of building the infrastructure foundation for the goal of modernizing the country, and increasing the strength of the construction industry. compete nationally and dominate export markets.

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