About AMACCAO concrete construction and assembly service

The solution of construction and assembly of prefabricated concrete components is a construction and assembly technology in the field, using prefabricated concrete components at the factory and then transported to the construction site to assemble into structures. load-bearing structures, these members will be connected by concrete connections. Currently, this solution is very popular and widely applied in the Vietnamese market because it not only brings many outstanding advantages with high durability, reasonable cost, saving materials but also helps to Short construction time, ensuring high requirements on aesthetics, function and quality of works.

Outstanding advantages:

1. Quality control;

2. Control the progress;

3. High dimensional accuracy;

4. Fast construction and installation;

5. Good fire resistance;

6. Good resistance to cavitation;

7. Environmentally friendly.


Construction and assembly of precast concrete components applied to precast concrete structural products such as wall panels, floor slabs, concrete piles, concrete columns, concrete beams, stairs, elevator cores, slabs embankment, bridge girders, concrete trusses… and many other types of structures; Widely applied in many different types of works such as civil, industrial, transport infrastructure and other types.

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